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ÈSSE Water

Essential oil enhanced water with real fruit


Date Established
Founder Adam Leja, Corey Leja
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Press Contact Adam Leja


ÈSSE, derived from (esse)ntial is a lifestyle brand. Only ÈSSE transforms common beverages into premium, elevated-taste experiences by implementing pure plant oils versus natural flavors. Their promise is to help you live, "The ÈSSEnce of Life™” it means they're making it easy for you to make better choices about what you’re drinking. ‍ÈSSE will always focus solely on using 100% plants, pure ingredients from nature, to elevate the sensory and wellness experience for users. It really is that simple and they will never compromise. The ÈSSEnce of Life - be yourself, enjoy life, choose clean ingredients, elevate how you live. Their oils are pure, essential oils from plants not a lab. Every ingredient is carefully chosen to align with their purpose and core values. Sustainability Starts with ingredients. ÈSSE only uses “from nature” ingredients, which includes plant based, organic, nothing artificial, etc. Avoid plastic and look for packaging solutions that are more environmentally responsible.

In 2020 ÈSSE was awarded "The Best New Water Concept" by the Zenith Global Water Awards. In Summer of 2021 they will be launching their newest innovation, ÈSSE Sparkling WellnÈSSE Water, a functional sparkling water made with their signature essential oils and all of the essential vitamins and minerals your immune system desires. Zinc from guava leaves, vitamin D3 derived from marine lichen, vitamin C from acerola cherry juice, calcium from red algae, and vitamin E from sunflower oil. The product will launch in May with Target in select Midwestern stores across 17 states and in 2 flavors; lemon ginger and elderberry passionfruit.

With current distribution in the midwest with Whole Foods and Target, you can find ÈSSE Water at nearly 400 stores and growing.

Founding Story

It all started with a lemon. In 2014 they noticed people really liked to squeeze lemons in their water, especially their Mom. It wasn't until several years later that they would begin working towards solving the problem that there wasn't a bottled lemon water on the market that actually tasted like you squeezed a lemon in your water. So, they decided to change all of that.

They learned really fast that nothing can compete with the quality only mother nature can provide and discovered that the oil from the peel is where the magic is. ÈSSE uses the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. They source the highest quality fruit and press the juice from the flesh of the fruit and the oil from the peel of the fruit to make the most refreshing and nutritious beverages you will ever try. It's one of those things you just have to try and you'll understand.

Team Bios

Adam Leja


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Adam’s background is in competitive sports. After being hit head on by a drunk driver in college Adam was forced to walk away from his dream of playing professional baseball. As a result he choose to take his passion and competitive nature he had for athletics and put it into his idea of using plant based oils as a flavoring alternative to natural flavors.

Corey Leja


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Corey brings several years of DSD sales experience after working for the exclusive Red Bull DSD in Chicago. His ability to work with buyers and team members at the store level and execute while in the field are a vital asset to the business. The experience he brings from his Red Bull days are hard to come by and highly valued in this industry.


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