Esembly is Changing Diapers New sustainable diapering brand is making diapers less messy, less expensive and less wasteful
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The Problem

There are 11 million diaper-aged babies in the US, and each use approximately 57 diapers per week. If you do the math, that’s over 32 billion diapers being thrown away annually… in this country alone. So it’s no surprise that disposable diapers contribute to over 30% of non-biodegradable waste in landfills. 
Moreover, disposable diapers and wipes amount to an average monthly cost of $100 over the course of three years… for just one child. In the last year, diaper prices have risen by 12% as a result of a disposable diaper market monopoly (two companies control about 80% of the US industry); higher wood and petroleum prices that make disposable ingredients more expensive (like wood pulp, which is a key ingredient for absorbency); and a descending birth rate that has pushed companies to raise their prices. 
TL;DR: families are spending thousands of dollars (and counting) on trash

The Solution

Esembly is a comprehensive, sustainable diapering system. The brand provides parents with everything they need to radically reduce diaper waste— from organic reusable diapers and skincare to stylish storage bags and specially-formulated detergent. Esembly babies use 44 diapers total from birth to potty training— which can save parents over $2000 per baby and keeps over 3,000 disposables out of the landfill annually.
TL;DR: Esembly diapers are good for the planet and save families money.  

Who They Are

Founded in late 2019, Esembly comes from the same dynamic trio of women who started the diaper laundering service, Diaperkind in NYC. There, they washed millions of cloth diapers and supported thousands of new families while learning everything there is to know about diaper design, laundry science, and the wants and needs of modern parents. After 10 years, the Diaperkind team used their acquired knowledge and expertise to build Esembly’s diapering system, enabling new parents to diaper reusabley on their own terms with their home washers. Fun fact: a couple hundred Diaperkind families invested in Esembly prior to its launch— they now serve as shareholders and thought partners in the new brand.
TL;DR: this team knows what they’re doing. 

About the System

The founders  acknowledge that cloth diapers can feel overwhelming to new parents exploring the option for the first time— which is why Esembly is the first brand to offer a complete, proprietary diapering system. They provide all products needed to diaper sustainably from birth to potty training alongside straightforward, step-by-step instructions. In simplifying cloth diapering, Esembly is making it easy (and fun!) enough for any sleep deprived new parent to master.

  1. Their diapers are made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles and certified organic cotton, are landfill-free, blowout-proof, and oh-so-cute. They even have a recycle/resell program families can use once their baby potty trains.
  2. With the team chemist, the founders designed and formulated a patent-pending Washing Powder that enables parents to easily and effectively power clean diapers in just 2 loads of laundry per week.
  3. Esembly offers an organic line of cloth-friendly diaper creams and cleansers. 
  4. To wrap the entire system, Esembly’s odor-containing Day Bag and Pail Pouch (also made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles) contain your dirty diapers (along with any odor) in the home and on-the-go until laundry day.
  5. For those looking to test or gift Esembly’s offerings to a (growing) family friend, the Try-It Kit combines three diapers, a bag of washing powder, sample sized skincare, and a waterproof pouch. It’s the perfect way to give cloth diapering a try!

As for the rest, Esembly’s paper packaging is 100% recyclable and made of recycled content. They’re also carbon neutral—both offsetting the carbon used to move goods from factory to warehouse and providing  a purchase option to offset carbon emissions from warehouse to home. 
TL;DR: Esembly is helping families Live Less Disposably™ throughout their supply chain

Since Their Founding

Esembly has partnered with notable artisans and creators like climate artist Oliver Jeffers, designer Amanda Jane Jones, and illustrator Reyna Noriega. They also published a digital zine, Arrival: a postpartum guide featuring experts across all areas of birth— from doula Domino Kirke-Badgley and Dr. Harvey Karp to activists like Celine Semaan and Djali Alessandra Brown-Cepeda. Most recently,  they launched on, promptly selling out diapers within 24 hours of the announcement. And the best part? Esembly is on track to divert 18,225,000 disposables out of the landfill by the end of this year. 
TL;DR: A lot has been accomplished. And this is just the beginning..

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