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Esembly is a complete sustainable diapering system providing parents with everything they need to radically reduce waste- from organic diapers and skincare, to stylish storage bags and specially-formulated detergent. Esembly, with its perfect balance of artfully designed products and science-based education, is starting a movement to inspire families to rethink the consumption of single use disposables.

There are 11 million diaper-age babies in the US right now -- each using, on average, 57 diapers per week. That’s over 32 BILLION disposable diapers being thrown away every year in this country alone. By contrast, Esembly babies will use 44 diapers total from birth - potty training. Esembly diapers are responsibly manufactured using fabric made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles and GOTS certified organic cotton. As a company, they offset the carbon used to move their goods from factory to warehouse, and they offer their customers the option to purchase a carbon offset at checkout to cover the movement of their purchase from warehouse to their home.


Esembly was born in early 2020, but their story actually starts in Brooklyn in 2009, when the founders launched a diaper laundering service called Diaperkind. Created for urban families who want to use cloth diapers but don't have access to a washer and dryer at home, the Diaperkind service caught on quickly and attracted hundreds of customers all over NYC in its first year. In the decade that followed, the three female founders washed millions of cloth diapers, worked with thousands of new families, and learned everything there is to know about laundry science, diaper design and the wants and needs of modern parents.

Esembly is the solution for RIGHT NOW

Esembly diapers are reusable, and when your diapers are reusable- you can never run out! In the current pandemic, disposable diapers are scarce as suppliers scramble to keep them in stock. Store shelves are often empty and Amazon is having to cancel subscriptions due to lack of inventory. This is problematic for parents whose babies go through 50-80 diapers per week. Even if/when disposables are readily available, keeping enough diapers on hand during the pandemic requires either stockpiling hundreds and hundreds of diapers at once (which is both costly and requires storage space), or making frequent trips out of the safety of your home to the store.

Esembly as the solution LONG TERM

As we move past the virus and resume normal life, loss of wages and closed businesses will have many of us living on a tighter budget than before and looking for ways to save. Diapers are a necessary commodity, and disposable diapers and wipes are expensive- costing families $75-$125 per month for 2-3 years. Esembly saves parents over $2000 per baby; and they’ve integrated an interest-free monthly payment plan making the cost of using their product more economical than disposables in the short-term too.

If we are to learn anything from this pandemic it’s that we must be more conscious about how we care for ourselves, each other, our community and our planet. Diapering with the Esembly system requires just 44 diapers from birth through potty training. Compare that to the 7,000+ disposables a single baby will use by the time they are potty trained. Just two loads of diaper laundry per week will save thousands of diapers from being thrown away, and keep thousands of dollars in parents’ pockets.


Esembly is the first brand to offer a complete, proprietary diapering system; providing everything a family needs to diaper sustainably from birth through potty training.

  • Esembly diapers never end up in the trash. Their Recycle/Resell program ensures their diapers are 100% landfill free
  • Esembly’s cotton diapers are certified organic and their waterproof diaper covers and storage bags are made of 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. The best part-- Esembly diapers are leak and “blowout” proof!
  • Using their decade of experience laundering diapers commercially through their first business Diaperkind, the founders (along with their chemist) designed and formulated a line of laundry products that are powerful enough to tackle dirty diapers, gentle on baby skin, and respectful of our planet. Their patent-pending Washing Powder coupled with easy-to-follow step-by-step wash instructions makes diaper washing simple enough for any sleep deprived new parent to do.
  • The company’s organic line of creams and cleansers are cloth-friendly, unlike most offered in the market.
  • All Esembly’s paper packaging is made of 100% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

The only true way to reduce impact is to reduce consumption. Esembly is helping families Live Less Disposably while saving them money and making their lives as parents easier.

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