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ERW is excited to announce the launch of ERW Active, a new line of science-based, high-performance nutritional supplements designed to help athletes of all levels and everyday performers reach their best and stay rested, hydrated and energized. The official launch date for ERW Active is Monday, March 8, 2021.

The range kicks off with ERW Active’s HYDRATE, the result of thousands of hours of research from world-renowned chef Hannah Grant and pioneering nutritionist and researcher Dr. Stacy Sims. Together they have created an all-natural product that provides essential vitamins and minerals and is designed to improve recovery and boost immune health.

Grant, one of Denmark’s finest chefs, has previously revolutionized how elite cyclists refuel, bringing her Michelin-star restaurant experience to the Tour de France. She championed balanced nutrition, intricately adapted to the specifics of each stage of racing and the physiology of every racer. That approach spawned two cookbooks and the Emmy-award-winning Amazon Prime docuseries “Eat. Race. Win.”

Sims, a leading author on how nutrition affects male and female athletes differently and an acclaimed TED talk expert, has worked dual roles at USA Cycling and Stanford University, implementing her groundbreaking research on hydration. Her goal: bust through the misconceptions put forward by the sugar-laced sports drink market.

Together they have created a product that will help everyone from parents, pilots and postal workers to elite athletes in their every-day life and activities. HYDRATE helps to maintain peak hydration that also benefits a stronger immune defense, boosts brain functions and builds stamina. It is sold in powdered form and available in several flavors.

“If you want to live your life at the fullest and perform at your best, whether you're a cyclist or working like you are, you can't compromise on quality,” says Grant. “You can't compromise on what is important to you. What we do with our products is we don't compromise the ingredients and we don't compromise your health.”

ERW Active is already endorsed and used by athletes, trainers and doctors affiliated with Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association as well as professional cyclists and rugby players.

ERW, named after Grant’s “Eat. Race. Win.” TV series, also successfully launched My Flight Pack in September 2020. My Flight Pack is a three-step powdered solution that aids in recovery from jet lag -- the fatigue, disrupted sleep and dehydration that many travelers experience regularly.

In fact, My Flight Pack has been such a hit that it was included in a “goodie bag” for Hollywood’s biggest stars during the 2020 Academy Awards.

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