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ERW Active

Sleep remedies and hydration products


Date Established 04/2021
Founder Hannah Grant, Dr. Stacy Sims
Headquarters Copenhagen, Denmark
Beverage, Health & Wellness, Fitness
Press Contact Hannah Grant


HYDRATE (28-pack) - NSF sport certified
HYDRATE (28-pack) - NSF sport certified $56.00
SLEEP (28-pack) NSF sport certified
SLEEP (28-pack) NSF sport certified $120.00
My Flight Pack
My Flight Pack $21.99


ERW Active - changing performance through better sleep and hydration. ERW active the next generation of sleep remedies and hydration products that seek to give people healthy and targeted alternatives to performance drinks currently on the market. Short for “Eat, Race, Win,” ERW is based on the science of the body and provides optimal performance without the short energy spikes and crashes. Designed for the modern world, it provides solutions to make everyone increase their performance in whatever they choose to do. ERW’s targeted focus on immediate performance and recovery, overall boost to the immune system, and commitment to ‘No compromises. No cheap additives. And no excuses.’ helps provide the tools you need to perform and feel your best. All ERW Active products are certified for sport with clients ranging from creatives, yogis, restaurateurs, business people, and busy entrepreneurs to major league sports teams and world champions.

ERW is Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Delicious.

Founding Story

Hannah Grant and Dr. Stacy Sims quickly agreed on these things when they met working the Tour de France in 2013 - that there weren’t a lot of women working in pro cycling and even the greatest riders in the world had ridiculously outdated views on race nutrition (er, pasta with ketchup, please). Figuring out performance solutions for a grueling sport that involves spirit-sapping days on two wheels could also provide answers to conundrums found in more conventional forms of travel … like jet lag.

At that time Hannah, one of Denmark’s finest chefs, was revolutionizing how elite cyclists refuel, bringing her Michelin-star restaurant experience to the Tour. She championed balanced nutrition, intricately adapted to the specifics of each stage and the physiology of every racer. That approach spawned two cookbooks – and the Amazon Prime docuseries “Eat. Race. Win.”

Stacy, a pioneering author on how nutrition affects male and female athletes differently and an acclaimed TED talk expert, was working dual roles at USA Cycling and Stanford University, implementing her groundbreaking research on hydration. Her goal: bust through the misconceptions put forward by the sugar-laced sports drink market, dominated by one product.

ERW and ERW Active is the result, after thousands of hours of research, a range with a targeted focus on immediate performance and recovery, plus an overall boost to the immune system to cope with the rigors of modern life.


Sims is an Environmental Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist, former professional cyclist, college rower (crew) and IRONMAN competitor. Now,as  a world-renowned researcher, innovator and health performance entrepreneur, she understands that even the most fitness-focused people are unlikely to become avowed experts on intestinal health. She wants people to understand that “the typical sports drink is not appropriate for their bodies.” Sims had a remarkable depth of pioneering research to draw from as the group formulated the ERW product line. She has authored 65 studies and papers on topics such as the effects of gender differences and heat and altitude on the ability of the body to produce maximal output. Her research even looked at NASA astronauts and how hydration methods for the unique environment of space travel could be used to improve quality intake for athletes.

Sims operates in a world of complex science but has found a way of explaining her findings that has earned the trust of the numerous elite and Olympic athletes she advises. Sims is originally from San Francisco and now lives with her young family in New Zealand.

Hannah Grant

Co-Founder and head of RnD

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Hannah Grant is an accomplished chef and author, gone entrepreneur, from Copenhagen, with a background working in the world's top restaurant, Noma and the world tour pro cycling team Tinkoff Saxo as a performance chef. Hannah has published two best selling cookbooks Eat Race Win and The Grand Tour cookbook, the latter one was turned into an Emmy winning show on Amazon Prime, by the name of Eat. Race. Win. featuring Hannah at the worlds hardest bike race the Tour de France sourcing and cooking for the pro riders through out the race.

Hannah is a regular guest chef judge on Masterchef Denmark and still works closely with some of the world's best pro riders to help them optimize their performance. She founded ERW with Dr. Stacy Sims in 2018. It’s named ERW (the abbreviation of Eat. Race. Win.) to symbolize that the foundation of performance starts with real food and great ingredients.




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