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A “for women, by women” CBD company offering premium, farm-fresh, full-spectrum CBD products


Date Established 02/2019
Founder Coco Meers, Marcy Capron Vermillion
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Press Contact Morgan Bellock


Balance Bath Bombs
Balance Bath Bombs $36.00
Balance Box
Balance Box $88.00
Body Box
Body Box $135.00
Relief Box
Relief Box $128.00
Calm Box
Calm Box $124.00
Daily Drops
Daily Drops
Daily Treatment Oil
Daily Treatment Oil $54.40
Daily Softgels
Daily Softgels $58.00
Sleep+ Collection
Sleep+ Collection $137.70


Equilibria was born in March 2019 out of two women’s real-life struggles to find balance. They offer a curated product line including daily softgels, daily drops and relief cream, which can be purchased a la carte or via monthly subscription boxes. All products are single source, hand harvested, non-gmo, organic and gluten free.

‍Equilibria distinguishes itself from the thousands of other CBD brands by having an exclusive partnership and being part owner of their organic 1,100 acre farm in Colorado. Their full-spectrum CBD is hand-harvested from industrial hemp flowers, the purest source of cannabinoids, never using any fillers or isolates. All product development (including patent-pending vaginal innovation) and dosage support are focused on women, as CBD's regulating properties are the perfect fit for female biochemistry. All women are unique, so their daily CBD routines should be also. From anxiety to arthritis to autoimmune, Equilibria helps craft the perfect CBD routine for your daily needs.

All purchases come with 1:1 dosage support, allowing customers to craft their own unique routine based on specific health goals. Led by two on-staff pharmacists, Equilibria's Dosage Specialists guide women through specific CBD routines perfect for their body and health goals. And — free shipping, always.‍

Founding Story

Between growing families, busy professional lives, and their share of chronic illness and everyday stressors, Marcy Capron-Vermillion and Coco Meers - both serial entrepreneurs with exits, knew from personal experience that quality cannabis products and individualized education could bring meaningful balance to the lives of women.

Coco Meers (Co-Founder of PrettyQuick, acquired by Groupon in 2015) left Groupon in early 2018 to found Rebelle Collective, an early-stage investment fund focused on other female entrepreneurs. When recruiting founders for her portfolio, she thought immediately of Marcy, a technologist with whom she had built early versions of PrettyQuick. While Coco had the intention of investing in Marcy’s projects, that one conversation led them down an unintended path; Marcy shared openly and honestly about her recent mental and physical health struggles (earlier that year, she had gotten in a kayaking accident that rendered her nearly immobile, at age 30) and the role CBD had played for her. Coco then started on her own daily CBD routine and found near-immediate relief for her auto-immune condition and general stress management. A few months later, they co-founded Equilibria, a premium CBD platform offering women clinical luxury and personalized dosage support that is rarely found on the market today.

Team Bios

Coco Meers

CEO and Co-founder, Equilibria

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Coco is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and advisor. She is currently CEO of Equilibria, a CBD company for women that is revolutionizing the industry. Prior to Equilibria, she was a founder and principal at Rebelle, a growth lab for digitally-enabled, female-led consumer companies that partners with founders through investment and collaboration to achieve early stage growth hurdles and founder and CEO of PrettyQuick (acquired by Groupon in 2015) which introduced major efficiencies to the $70B beauty services industry by offering seamless reservations at salons and spas nationwide. Prior to startup life, Coco was based in Paris where she helped market and manage global brands under the L’Oreal SA portfolio. She has an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Chicago Booth, and graduated magna cum laude from Princeton with a BA in English and French.

Marcy Capron Vermillion

Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder, Equilibria

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Marcy is a problem-solver, entrepreneur, and product designer. An engineer and perpetual innovator, Marcy was inspired by her own personal experience with CBD to learn everything possible about this powerful health agent, eventually leading workshops and gatherings on the medicinal and regulatory power of cannabis for women. Alongside Meers, she co-founded Equilibria and serves as the chief innovation officer, responsible for everything from ideation, to research to business model design. Prior to Equilibria, she founded Polymathic which was acquired by DevMynd in 2017. Marcy has a BA in Communications from Northwestern University and a BFA in photography from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  

Together, they created Equilibria to restore balance to modern women by demystifying the CBD journey, from starting dose to personalized routine development and ongoing Dosage Specialist support.




"This visionary CBD company stands out from the rest for being owned by women, organic, and creating products expressly for womens’ unique needs."

Katie Chang

"There's no hotter wellness trend than CBD, and Equilibria ups the luxury factor with a "farm to bottle" approach and personalized dosage specialist."

"My main goal was to feel more relaxed at night because my mind usually races before bed. The CBD has definitely had a positive effect on that, but I also can't believe how much better I've been feeling throughout the day now. It's like I'm floating through my nine-to-five instead of driving up an unpaved road."

Michaela Bushkin


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