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The first nutrient enhanced spices. 🧂


Date Established 03/2020
Founder Kyle Murphy, Dr. Frederick Murphy, Kaitlyn Carrera
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Food, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Kyle Murphy


Cape Cod (Salt Free!)
Cape Cod (Salt Free!) $10.99
Sri Lankan Cinnamon
Sri Lankan Cinnamon $10.99
Taco Seasoning
Taco Seasoning $10.99
Chipotle BBQ
Chipotle BBQ $10.99
Seasoned Salt
Seasoned Salt $10.99
Black Pepper
Black Pepper $10.99
Chili Lime (Salt Free!)
Chili Lime (Salt Free!) $10.99
Truffle Parm
Truffle Parm $10.99
Lemon Pepper
Lemon Pepper $10.99


The first nutrient enhanced spices. Enspice has reimagined nutrition by enhancing tasty seasonings and spices with plant-based nutrients, sourced from 10 organic plants. Nutrient dense, enspice seasonings contain 13 vitamins and 8 minerals in every dash. Only premium ingredients are used, with no artificial flavors or fillers.

Each enspice blend provides 50% of the FDA daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals sourced directly from their natural plant sources, including kale, spinach, and pumpkin.

Enspice is committed to building a future with food equity for all by making every meal nutritious. In the US, the majority don't consume enough nutrients - we are overfed and undernourished. In other countries, there is an absolute lack of nutrients - underfed and malnourished. Enspice was founded to solve both of these problems. For each enspice product sold, they're able to provide a nutrient-dense meal for a child in need through their foundation. Buy one feed one - their self-sustaining solution for balancing out the global nutrient deficit.

Enspice is currently available online at, has happy customers in over 45 states in the US and Canada, and is in select retail locations in Chicago and NYC.

Founding Story

The Murphy's are the founders of enspice and the enspice children's foundation. They're a family with a medical background (Dr. Frederick Murphy Lead Medical Officer, Co-Founder; Kaitlyn Carrera, Director of Social Partnerships- R.N), and a love for the best humanity has to offer - children. After traveling to Madagascar and Guatemala to provide medical aid for children and their families, they saw the same nutrient deficiencies across diverse diets.

What began with a medical mission trip to Guatemala in 2015 by the Murphy family led to the idea for enspice – putting the nutrients we all need into the seasonings and spices used around the world. The Murphy’s founded the enspice children’s foundation in 2016 to feed malnourished children while enspice was under development. 24,000 meals and 4 years later, enspice launched its first commercially available products in 2020 – 6 spice blends enhanced with 21 nutrients sourced from 10 organic plants.
Wanting to do more, they founded the enspice children's foundation in 2016 to provide nutrition for children around the world. They started providing nutritious meals for children, one meal at time. And continued working on their idea for enspice, enhanced spices packed with the nutrients we all need.

24,000 meals and 4 years later, enspice was finally created and their social enterprise was born. In providing the most convenient and natural way to get nutrients from their natural sources, they're building food equity for the children of the world.

Team Bios

Dr. Frederick Murphy

Lead Medical Officer, Co-Founder

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Dr. Murphy founded the enspice children’s foundation in 2016 to improve the lives of children suffering from malnutrition and stunting through the facilitation of micronutrient fortification and dietary diversification. He guarantees that every container of enspice seasonings and spices meets the allotted FDA values of vitamins and minerals. Dr. Murphy attended Villanova University to study Biology and English. Afterwards, he attended medical school on a Health Professions Scholarship Program at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He then completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Upon completion of residency training, Dr. Murphy underwent Rheumatology Fellowship training through an integrated program between Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Institute of Health in Maryland.

Since 2015, Kaitlyn has accompanied her family on their medical trips to Guatemala and Madagascar, where she helped run a primary care medical clinic and provided hands on training to over sixty physicians. Passionate about the enspice mission to fight malnutrition globally, Kaitlyn has dedicated her life and career to nursing and primary pediatric care. She is a graduate of both Villanova University College of Nursing and University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, where she was a Penn Civic Fellows Scholarship Recipient. In addition to managing Social Partnerships at enspice, she is currently a Pediatric Urology Nurse Practitioner at Yale-New Haven Hospital, where she received the Outstanding APP Newcomer Award in October 2019.

Kyle Murphy

CEO, Co-Founder

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After several years of traveling with his father and sister helping children suffering from malnutrition, Kyle decided to bring enspice products to the global market through the launch of first of their kind, micronutrient enhanced, ready-to-use spices and seasonings. Upon graduating the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Economics, where he was a Kellogg International Scholar, Kyle developed the commercialization process to build the business, and also structured the organizational framework connecting enspice with the enspice children’s foundation, ensuring a portion of proceeds go towards the mission of establishing long term nutritional solutions for children everywhere.


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