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A vegan, artisan bath and body care line made from all natural botanical ingredients


Date Established 04/2008
Founder Debra Myers
Headquarters The Woodlands, TX
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Ashley Lennington


Bath Bomb Advent Calendar
Bath Bomb Advent Calendar $39.99
Muscle Rehab Intro Gift Set
Muscle Rehab Intro Gift Set $12.99
Muscle Rehab Bath Bombs for Athletes
Muscle Rehab Bath Bombs for Athletes $18.99
Muscle Rehab Bath Soak for Athletes
Muscle Rehab Bath Soak for Athletes $12.99
6 Fizz & Foam Bath Bombs
6 Fizz & Foam Bath Bombs $22.00
Unicorn Heart Gift Set
Unicorn Heart Gift Set $14.99
Fizz and Foam Bath Bomb
Fizz and Foam Bath Bomb $5.99
Spa Bath Soak
Spa Bath Soak $10.99
Heart Bath Bombs
Heart Bath Bombs $24.99


Enfusia (in-fyu-sha), a feminine play on “infusions” is a vegan, cruelty-free bath and body line inspired by the natural and botanical ingredients found in its products. Enfusia believes in cultivating a body line for sensitive skin based on rejuvenation, restoration, and renewal.

Enfusia aims to provide an alternative for those who struggle with sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, by creating a full line of reinvigorating bath and body products, such as bath bombs, bath salts, perfumes and infusing them with botanical extracts, vitamins, essential oils and natural ingredients in efforts to help those find a product that works with their skin.

All of Enfusia’s products are made by hand in its Texas NSF-certified facility and do not contain any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances - part of the company’s Butterfly Promise™, a commitment to nature, purity, and beauty.

Founding Story

Enfusia founder, Debra Myers, developed stress-induced eczema in her early twenties and was frustrated with traditional bath and body products as the typical harsh chemicals and fragrances they were made with worsened her condition. Having a background as a cosmetologist and medical aesthetician, Debra started working in her kitchen to create products that would be better for herself and others affected by worrisome skin conditions, such as eczema. She was able to develop a line and partner with an herbalist and chemist to give her new products stability and integrity.


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