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Date Established 11/2013
Founder Esmeralda R.
Headquarters 247 W. 38th Street, New York, NY 10018
Tech, Fashion, Sustainability
Press Contact Esmeralda R.


Chelsea $259.00
Tribeca $145.00
Harlem tank top
Harlem tank top $325.00
Monroe Dream
Monroe Dream $225.00
Babe $142.00
NYC $88.00


Emerald Black is a NYC based woman-owned, made- to - order purpose driven brand that encourages women to have a voice in what they choose to wear.

The brand initiated its offering with the EB NYC Tank tops, divided into two categories. The classic collection designed with quiet details. The Metropolis collection created for the minimalist, fashion forward in mind.

The brand secondary offer is customization, take a tank top to dress in seconds. You can redesign by adding different sleeves, lengths, slits, and colors. Enabling the consumer to create and own an item/garment not duplicated or mass produced, and eco-friendly from manufacturing to packaging.

Emerald Black was founded on the premise that clothes can be customizable, ultra-stylish, versatile, and manufactured sustainably.

Founding Story

Esmeralda had always envisioned herself in the fashion industry. However, she felt like all odds were against her. She couldn't draw and it's a saturated, complex industry. She kept away from it and ventured into other things. She opened a salon & spa and three years later closed it because she was miserable!! Thereafter, she got into real estate and knew she could be extremely successful in that business. However, all she kept thinking about was having her own fashion company. Two years later, she stopped dreaming and made it happen, working and building under Emerald black.

It's been a struggle and painful at times. Nonetheless, there's also been tears of joy, and she wouldn't change a thing! This journey has taught her so many things, resiliency, determination, dedication, empathy, love and that god is real.


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