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Date Established 01/2020
Founder Tha-Anh Hoang
Headquarters Saugus, MA
Beauty, Health & Wellness, Parenting
Press Contact Alexa Battista



EmBeba® believes in creating solution-driven products steeped in tradition with generation-tested ingredients and remedies from around the world.  We try to replicate these remedies as closely as possible, while maintaining efficacy and safety for our families, especially for the littlest ones.  Our philosophy is to bring these hidden gems back and make it even better with the help of modern technology.  We are transparent with our families on all the ingredients that are used and why they are there.

EmBeba's first product, Don't Be Rash Diaper Balm, launched in January 2021. Founded by a mom and eczema sufferer, EmBeba adheres to a CLEAN skincare philosophy, prioritizing natural and naturally-derived, ingredients, focusing on limited ingredients and no fillers, adhering to stringent safety standards, free of fragrance and cruelty free.

Founding Story

On a family trip to the Bosnian countryside one summer, Thai-Anh’s baby had a severe diaper rash and eczema breakout. The family brought along the usual diaper and skin creams from the big box stores, but those “tried and true” products couldn’t help soothe the flare-up. A local family member gifted Thai-Anh with a homemade balm straight from nature. The balm contained skin nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing herbs and flowers from the family garden that helped protect the baby’s sensitive skin from moisture while wearing a diaper. This magical mixture has been used by Bosnian locals for generations and worked wonders for Thai-Anh’s baby. 

That’s where the first seed was planted – why don’t we share this recipe with others who have this issue? So we decided to create a Generation-Tested, Family Approved™ remedy for your skin-sensitive family.


Tha-Anh Hoang

Co-Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & CEO Thai-Anh Hoang has a passion for helping families with skin irritations.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, it seemed natural for Thai-Anh to have the urge to start her own business -- although being raised in an Asian family she was encouraged to be a doctor or lawyer. ;) Alas, a fear of needles put to rest her desire to become a doctor. Instead, she studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business with a minor in the French language (although the most she can read in French currently is probably a Parisian menu).

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Thai-Anh is a mom of one (soon to be two) who enjoys gardening, designing, reading, and cooking. She is self-described as “an old person in a young body,” and can often be found pouring over seed catalogues, IKEA magazines, and architectural digests. She also has a slight obsession with van life and tiny homes.

Thai-Anh’s interest in the medical field never faded, especially her passion for helping other families with skin irritations, and combining that with her degree, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her love of design, EmBeba has come to life.




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