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Customized herb blends created for pain relief


Date Established
Founder Lulu Ge
Headquarters New York, New York
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Rachel Johnston


Immunity Support Duo
Immunity Support Duo $58.00
Ginger Aide
Ginger Aide $20.00
Elix Cycle Balance
Elix Cycle Balance $48.00
Daily Harmony
Daily Harmony $38.00


Founded by Lulu Ge, Elix is on a mission to give women’s health the attention it deserves by harnessing ancient wisdom for the future of chronic care. Their first focus: menstrual health. Elix’s flagship product Cycle Balance––a tincture of potent, medicinal herbs–– addresses the root cause of menstrual symptoms, providing an antidote to outdated band aid solutions and a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Elix personalizes each Cycle Balance blend through pattern diagnosis, a staple practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With the goal of democratizing access to its healing products (Elix has a robust user base of women in all fifty states), the brand gathers this valuable information through a proprietary online health assessment. People who menstruate answer 60 questions about their cycles and overall wellbeing to unlock the root cause of their monthly symptoms, as well as which healing botanicals are proven to treat them. Elix has received thousands of life-changing testimonials with 93% of Cycle Balance users reporting improved symptoms in the first three months, with efficacy increasing over time.

Founding Story

When Founder Lulu Ge stopped taking birth control in 2016, she experienced debilitating menstrual pain––including the full continuum of cramps, bloating, headaches, insomnia and fatigue––that it caused her to call in sick during the most pivotal time in her career, while leading a $250M post-merger integration. To relieve her symptoms, she tried a cocktail of over-the-counter painkillers to no avail, until her OBGYN advised her to go back on synthetic hormones.

Frustrated by the lack of safe, effective and sustainable alternatives, Lulu reached out to her grandfather, who ran the hospital in Hunan, China where she was born. He connected her with Dr. Xia Hongsheng, the former Chief Physician of the Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Hospital; Dr. Xia is one of the most well-respected figures in the global TCM community and has authored nearly 100 papers and 45 books on the subject. After sharing her symptoms, medical history, and undergoing a tongue evaluation, Lulu was prescribed a dozen herbs to boil and drink daily before her next cycle. That month, her symptoms noticeably improved, and after a few months, the debilitating pain was virtually gone.

Team Bios

Lulu Ge is passionate about unlocking individual and organizational potential. Prior founding Elix, Lulu led the Change and Transformation function at Saks Fifth Avenue and the parent company, Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). The team was responsible for a portfolio of strategic initiatives valued at $350M+ across an employee population of 45,000+. These initiatives included transitioning to new business models, designing engaging customer journeys, rolling out new talent lifecycle programs, building a shared high-performance culture, integrating teams postacquisition, developing change leadership capabilities, enabling technology adoption, and more. Previously in her career, Lulu spent several years in management consulting, where she led diverse projects consulting with Fortune 100 organizations in the areas of business transformation, change and engagement, technology enablement and leadership effectiveness. She has also worked abroad in China, developing customized leadership development programs for Chinese government and business leaders. Lulu holds a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Art History from the University of California, San Diego. She is certified in numerous assessments and methodologies including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) and Prosci ADKAR® Model for individual change to drive organizational transformation. Lulu trained in herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the New York Open Center, Arbor Vitae and at the International Integrative Educational Institute under KP Khalsa, former President of the American Herbalist Guild. She is also certified in Vedic meditation.


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