Mother's Day Wine & Beer - Mom Deserves a Drink Eliqs Mother’s Day wine and craft beer are the perfect gifts for Mom this year, and they ship right to your door.
Brand Logo Eliqs dividng line Apr 14, 2021

Eliqs announced the launch of their limited edition Mother’s Day can designs, the first line of alcoholic beverages exclusively designed for Mom. The new line includes 5 beverage offerings across 7 new label designs, available across their wine, hard seltzer, and craft beer beverage products.

“This is a Mother’s Day gift that Mom is definitely going to be excited about and will actually use! And don’t be surprised if she posts to social media to brag to her friends immediately - we tend to see that a lot,” says Max Berg, Co-founder at Eliqs. “Delivering a new take on a product everyone already consumes creates a moment of surprise and delight that is difficult to come by these days. That’s our goal with every single one of our releases, and for Mother’s Day this year, we hope to create that feeling for Moms across the country.”

Each limited edition can was custom-designed by Eliqs in-house designers, Katie Barger and Sydney Banta, and the beverages are produced by craft beverage makers locally in California and include a Rose wine, Mango Hard Seltzer, Blonde Ale, Lager, and an IPA.

Eliqs’s Mother’s Day cans will be available for sale exclusively on beginning April 14th, with the final day to purchase for delivery in time for Mother’s Day on May 6th. Prices start at $2.89 per can and you must be 21+ to order. 

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