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Customizable craft beer, wine, hard seltzer, and water made for the moment and delivered to your door.


Date Established 10/2019
Founder Max Berg, Joe Schwappach, Dave Goldman
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Max Berg


Cool Mom Rosé Variety Pack
Cool Mom Rosé Variety Pack $59.88
Eliqs Custom Designed Beverage
Eliqs Custom Designed Beverage $59.95


Launched in 2019, Eliqs believes that what you’re drinking should reflect and build your identity – as an individual or as a brand. It should create lasting memories and taste damn good too. Eliqs is the ONLY company that enables the creation of personalized, custom branded beverages for private consumption (think canned craft beer with your face on it or a can of rosé wine designed just for your bachelorette party). Eliqs also develops net new beverage brands in collaboration with their influencer, content creator, celebrity, and media network partners, that are sold directly to high-value and existing audiences and follower bases.

Eliqs currently offers custom-branded craft beer, wine, hard seltzer, and non-alcoholic water options (still and sparkling). The company has capitalized on the direct-to-consumer boom and ships its products directly to customer doorsteps nationally. Beyond upcoming Mother's Day and Father's Day campaigns, in advance of summer, Eliqs will also launch 2 net new beverage brands spanning the hard seltzer and wine spaces that cater to individuals that grew up in the 90's and the LGBTQ community, respectively. 

Founding Story

Eliqs was born out of a master's thesis project at UCLA Anderson School of Management. While Max Berg, Joe Schwappach, and Dave Goldman were enjoying some beers after class, the question was posed, "Why can't I put my face on a can of beer?" After going to the local Trader Joe's to buy a case of beer, leaving the bottles in the bath overnight so they could easily peel off the labels, applying some printed stickers to the beers and selling them to a friend, Eliqs was born.

Since then, the team has been working to deliver custom branded beverages for social events, corporate functions, special occasions, and everything in between. 


Max Berg

Co-Founder & Head of Revenue

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Max is an Eliqs co-founder and a customer-obsessed entrepreneur from Los Angeles with an eye for great product. He serves as Eliqs’s Head of Revenue, managing all externally facing company initiatives, including partnerships, business development, sales, customer success, and customer support. With a cup of his home-roasted coffee in hand, you can find Max skateboarding at the Venice Beach skatepark, while holding onto a piece of his dream of becoming a professional skateboarder. Max will neither confirm nor deny his attendance at Fyre Festival.

Joe Schwappach

Co-founder & Head of Operations

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Joe Schwappach is an Eliqs co-founder and an expert in driving operational adaptability, strategy implementation, and leadership development across all stages of a company’s lifecycle. At Eliqs, Joe is responsible for all operations and fulfillment, eagerly discovering new ways of bringing our truly unique product to market. As a global traveler, Joe enjoys exploring new cultures and geographies—always finding time for downhill skiing and endurance races along the way. Although not a true beer aficionado, Joe will happily allow anyone to buy him their favorite beer while out with friends.

Dave Goldman

Co-founder & CEO

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Dave Goldman is an Eliqs co-founder and an operator and investor who sees the value in delighting his partners and clients with elevated, personal beverage experiences. At Eliqs, Dave is the CEO and responsible for the overall strategy, finance and legal functions of the company. From the Bay Area, Dave is an avid skier & diver, and has gone on adventuring trips in over 10 countries.


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