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Elephant in a Box

Furniture designed to save time, energy and money, and to make easier to love.


Date Established 05/2020
Founder Daniela Terminel, Reham Khalifa, Mohamed Kamal, Mohamed Azab
Headquarters New York, NY
Press Contact Daniela Terminel


Dynamic Sofa
Dynamic Sofa $999.00
Working Sofa
Working Sofa $1298.00
Small L Sectional
Small L Sectional $2057.00
Small Chaise-ish
Small Chaise-ish $1198.00


Elephant in a Box is a home furniture innovation company with products that arrive in the mail, unfold/refold instantly and adjust to your space. Proven, game-changing material science is built into everything we make. It is designed to save time, energy and money, and to make furniture easier to love.

Their honeycomb technology, traditionally used in aircrafts, allows the sofa to be light and flexible yet strong enough to take 3,000lbs. It can be folded/unfolded as many times as needed without affecting its durability or strength. It's a sofa to move in, move out and everything in between! It comes right to your door in just one box that can easily fit any door or tight hallway. It can comfortably seat 3 people, so have a friend over to sit and lounge on the couch.

Elephant in a Box is expanding the possibilities of furniture. Reinventing the mechanics of home furniture to make purchasing, set up and moving a joyful experience. The four cofounders’ dream at Elephant in a Box is for anyone, anywhere to be able to furnish their house in one Box.

Founding Story

Elephant in a Box is the result of living “the painful sofa journey” and love and knowledge of honeycomb

While taking a year abroad to study at MIT and Harvard, they witnessed the hardship of buying a sofa…. With no time on hand, having to wait for their sofa to ship, schedule a delivery date, struggle to fit in the small hallways, up stair walkups, and finally spend hours trying to assemble it, took a toll on them. Not only that, once they were ready for the next thing, the struggle to sell the sofa, would need to go through the same tidy process and probably need movers to take it to wherever the next place is proved to be expensive and inconvenient. This just didn’t make sense in so many layers. “The experience of buying and moving a sofa and the bulkiest items in a house, needs to be easier and enjoyable”.

After conducting market research on the US market, designing the first prototype of their first product, a sofa, which was brought to MIT early 2018 for testing The concept worked perfectly and the feedback from faculty and students was promising. This pushed them to collaborate with international designers and ergonomics experts to fine-tune the product, and finally see the light for the first time through a crowdsourcing campaign that validated, once more the need of a concept like this.

Elephant in a Box officially launched in May 2020, and now has a full set of modular products that allows everyone to create virtually any configuration they'd like, and lets their sofa evolve as their life does. All with an outstanding customer experience, a 30 day true free trial and a lifetime warranty.

Team Bios

Dani Terminel


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A dreamer, her unbreakable entrepreneurial spirit has been forged by years of working with and scaling fast growing companies around the globe. An HBS alumnus who believes people are the engine of everything, if it's possible to make people’s lives better, everyone should aim to be better. A Chief Executive Officer Dani will lead Elephant in a Box towards its north star to be the best it can possibly be for all!

Mohamed Kamal


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A true inventor, problem solver, passionate about applying design and innovation to improve day to day lives. Serial entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the consumer goods/retail sector, who has long standing commercial relations with companies like IKEA, Carrefour and Samsung. MIT alumnus with an active mind, 100% product. As Chief Product Officer, he’ll make sure all have awesome, functional, movable and strong furniture that fits flexible lifestyles!

Reham Khalifa


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With Remo things happen, she’s an absolute executor: Actions speak louder than words. A serial entrepreneur who has leveraged her background in Construction Management as well as several programs from the best schools (including MIT and HBS) to optimize operations and increase effectiveness, while maintaining close relationships with all stakeholders. With her as our Chief Operations Officer, we can only foresee happiness in all Elephant experiences!


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