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Date Established 02/2017
Founder Jaime Whitton & Dr. Robert Summers
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA / Reno, NV
Press Contact Annie Goldenberg


El Sativo Anejo Tequila
El Sativo Anejo Tequila $49.99
El Sativo Reposado Tequila
El Sativo Reposado Tequila $44.99
El Sativo Blanco Tequila
El Sativo Blanco Tequila $39.99


Originated in collaboration with four generations of master tequila distillers, El Sativo is an innovative tequila that lifts the spirits and stands apart from the crowd. The sweet agave dances in waterfalls of stone fruit soaking in memorable days and fun-filled nights. El Sativo sets itself apart by utilizing a special distillation method that naturally highlights the agave plant’s precious resources known to have mood lifting and energy boosting attributes that exemplify #SoSativo.

The brand’s three types are single estate masterpieces. El Sativo Blanco Tequila is the winner of two double gold awards, including 2020 Tequila of the Year (San Francisco World Spirits Competition).

Founding Story

El Sativo Tequila is Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, OK Kosher and each bottle is 100% smart combustible recycled glass with organic soluble labels. Every bottle sold gives back to ocean conservancy. Truly “A Better Tequila for a Better World."


Dr. Robert Summers


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Based in Reno, Nevada, Dr. Robert Summers is the co-founder of El Sativo, the first tequila to isolate terpenes in raw agave and maintain its properties. Summers’ lifelong passion for healthcare led him to get his start as an EMT and firefighter, while completing his undergraduate degree in health care administration. He went on to receive a master’s degree in organizational management, propelling his healthcare career to Washoe Medical Center, where he developed the largest Emergency Medical Services Events program in Nevada. After Summers completed his PhD in Business Administration, he became a consultant for Compass Group North America, one of the largest healthcare contract companies in the nation.

In 2014, he co-founded the Nevada Botanical Science (NBS) with a team of physicians and health care professionals. NBS has developed a world class cannabis cultivation, production, and research/development facility in Reno. Summers and his team have been on the front line pushing to allow terpenes to be used for medicinal purposes.

While working with NBS, Summers took his knowledge and passion for terpenes and collaborated on a series of acclaimed alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails at his brother-in-law’s Los Angeles bar, Prank. This led to an exploration of how terpenes could be utilized with tequila. Summers then partnered with his sister-in-law, singer-songwriter Jaime Whitton, who is passionate about organic food & beverages, to create El Sativo Tequila. El Sativo is distilled in Jalisco, Mexico, producing the tequila Summers and Whitton envisioned – one that is 100% USDA Organic, 100% non-GMO, and single estate. Additionally, El Sativo is Certified OK Kosher and 100% blue agave.

Jaime Whitton


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Jaime Whitton is the co-founder of El Sativo, the first tequila to isolate terpenes in raw agave and maintain its properties. Born in Reno, NV, Whitton’s first passion was music. Shortly after graduating school, she moved to Los Angeles, CA, where she began pursuing her music dream through touring, film, and television. Like many aspiring artists, she sustained her music career through working jobs in the hospitality industry. During this time, Jaime discovered that she had a hidden talent and passion for the culinary arts.

Her passion for organic culinary creation was born from her desire to help others. She developed organic healing menus for her grandpa, Cliff, that tasted so good he would say “she tricked him into eating healthy.” This inspired her to follow her newfound passion of creating dishes centered on healthy “whole food” eating.

Music, mixology, and culinary arts eventually combined, and she has been hands-on in the bar and restaurant industry in California for over 15 years. She has helped her brothers launch top cocktail destinations, including Villains Tavern (#1 bar DTLA), Frauds and Swindlers (Rated in Best New Bars in America), and Prank Bar (LA’s first walk up bar). While working at Prank, Whitton and her team began exploring the medicinal effects of terpenes, and eventually found a way to use their properties in tequila with her brother-in-law and co-founder, Dr. Robert Summers. Thus, El Sativo was born.


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