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New York, NY (December 1st, 2021) – Holidays conjure up memories of children, parents and grandparents gathered together playing games or doing puzzles as a family. Gifting an educational game or puzzle from eeBoo ( will inspire creativity and curiosity today and because their products are so sturdily crafted of heavy recycled board, they can be handed down from family to family.

Curated from its large stock of eeBoo and Piece & Love Collections, this lifestyle brand has come up with its Top 5 Gift List to delight every loved person on your list. Gathering A Garden ($23.99) is a simple board game that develops basic skills like patience, counting and an understanding of different categories of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and birds. It’s the perfect game to bring the family together and invite bright blooms inside on winter days.

Practicing difficult skills can be woven into play. “The ability to reproduce the patterns becomes more challenging as the patterns get more and more complex, but this is tough fun that kids often enjoy,” writes Oppenheim Toy Portfolio who awarded its prestigious 2021Gold Seal for Challenges with Form and Color ($23.99). The judges added, “They will also like inventing their own patterns with the shapes. An excellent choice for kindergarteners and 1st and 2nd graders.”

Make room for Piece & Love’s 1000-piece Music In Montreal puzzle ($23.99) and collaborate as a family to complete this higher count jigsaw. This festive, snowy street scene with musicians, shoppers, lights, holly, just sings, ‘tis the season.”

Woodland Creatures ($23.99) 500-piece round puzzle was inspired by centuries-old Eastern European embroidery traditions. This beautifully illustrated puzzle by the Romanian artist Oana Befort will make a lovely gift for anyone on your list. Made with sustainable and recycled materials, printed with vegetable-based inks on FSC®-certified paper.

Need a Hanukkah gift for one of eight nights or a fun stocking stuffer? eeBoo suggests Create A Story Cards for children 3-years-old and up. Priced nice at $13.99, choose from five story sets -- Volcano Island, Animal Village, Mystery on the Forest, Fairytale Mix-ups and Quantum Koalas. Children build critical thinking skills when they use their imaginations to devise a way to incorporate a fire-breathing dragon and a flask of magic potion into their tale of a clever boot-wearing cat in eeBoo’s Fairytale Mix-Ups card deck.

Discover all of eeBoo and Piece & Love’s extraordinary gifts, games and puzzles at In stock and highly recommended are these Top 5 gifts to give (or perhaps receive).

Challenges with Form & Color • $24.99 • Ages 5+

A simple and pleasing introduction to many of the fundamental elements of design. Fifty cards feature one

hundred images to create with the colorful velvet art paper triangles. Cards are organized into categories offering challenges to introduce simple forms, patterns, color temperature, negative space, transparency, perspective, simple figuration and more. New and available mid-November 2021.

Create A Story Cards • $13.99 • Ages 3+

Pick one or gift all five themed decks that encourage imagination, creativity and storytelling. In Volcano Island, there’s a tiger, three blue monkeys, a pair of children and a volcano. Hmmm. Is there hot lava involved and what about the other animals on the illustrated cards? Recurring characters, locations, and props encourage linking the cards in endless combinations for fresh, new stories every time it's played. Choose from Animal Village, Mystery on the Forest, Fairytale Mix-ups, Quantum Koalas and Volcano Island.

Gathering A Garden Board Game • $23.99 • Ages 5+

It may be cold and snowy outside but there’s a lovely garden to create in this easy-to-play board game. Move around the board collecting garden items from each shopkeeper and be the first to return to plant a pretty garden. The boxed game includes game board, game pieces, spinner, and plant tiles.

Piece & Love: Music In Montreal • $23.99 • All Ages

Find peace and joy this holiday with a snowy puzzle. A fresh, impactful way to pass the time at home, being truly present with your loved ones. Take in the scene of a lovely evening stroll down the boulevard in Montreal, with churches on the mount and fleur-de-lis banners rippling in the night wind. Along the snow-covered streets a female quartet plays jazz music for the shoppers and intrigued felines. Be inspired to book a visit one day in the snowy winter months!

Piece & Love: Woodland Creatures • $23.99 • All Ages

Look closely for the fox, the hare, the hedgehog, and the squirrel! Living within the delicate and detailed border are woodland creatures, big and small, with a sweet bird’s nest taking center stage. The crewelwork and embroidered fill stitches depict winding vines, littles berries, and colorful flowers and leaves that surround the wood’s furry inhabitants.

Each high-quality jigsaw puzzle for adults and families boasts glossy, sturdy pieces and minimal puzzle dust. Follow eeBoo and Piece & Love collections on your favorite social channel - Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram @eeboopieceandlove and @eebooalwaysgood


About eeBoo and eeBoo Piece & Love

Woman Owned • Mother Run • Sustainably Sourced, eeBoo is a boutique toy and lifestyle brand that specializes in useful, beautiful, and well-made educational games and gifts. eeBoo’s products for children are developed in consultation with educators, psychologists, writers, artists, and parents to nurture creativity with vibrant artwork that celebrates diversity and encourages empathy and learning about the world we share. In 2017, eeBoo entered the adult jigsaw puzzle market with eeBoo Piece & Love, bringing its longstanding commitment to beautiful design, durability, and environmental sustainability to an array of carefully art-directed and exquisitely illustrated 500- and 1000- piece jigsaw puzzles. Both lines encourage mindful, screen free, wholesome activities to share with friends and family, designed to encourage imagination while inspiring conversation and learning. eeBoo’s mission is to create beautiful products to be enjoyed and shared across generations: Old School skills and values made fresh and made to last with sustainably sourced materials.

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A lifestyle brand that creates useful, beautiful, and well-made educational games, puzzles and gifts for children and adults