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A monthly, ready-to-drink supplement system made with health, beauty and the world in mind


Date Established 05/2020
Founder Susanne Zellmer "Susi", Patrycja Horodyska "Pat"
Headquarters Atlanta, GA
Beauty, Beverage, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Patrycja Horodyska


My Immune Boost
My Immune Boost $88.00
My Skin Glow
My Skin Glow $138.00


DYO+ is a newly launched in the US supplements brand from Germany offering balanced drinkable doses full of precious nutrients designed to maximize the body's bioavailability. It’s a duo support system for health, beauty, plus a little something more for the environment. DYO+ products are made from the finest raw materials of the highest quality, by German experts with over a century of experience. They are defined by research and crafted for their full effectiveness to support a natural approach to health, appearance, and well-being. DYO+ moves with an attitude that promises both positivity and integrity. 

DYO+’s  mission is environmental sustainability and ongoing education. They are a proud partner of One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of reforestation projects internationally. DYO+ aspires to offer a business approach based on sincerity and sustainability, supporting change for a brighter future, with a view towards social justice and environmentally conscious action.

Founding Story

Patrycja “Pat” Horodyska and Susanne “Susi” Zellmer found each other through their daughters at a parent’s evening at school in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016. From that moment they clicked and soon began to realize how much they had in common. Both Horodyska and Zellmer had full time careers, recently moved to the US, were passionate about naturopathic medicine and devoted to engaging in healthy living. It was then that they decided to take on a professional adventure together. 

Horodyska and Zellmer were keen to begin, but the purpose mattered - they wanted to create something special, something useful, beautiful, good… something that would make a difference. Their vision was to develop first-class products with positive effects on health, beauty, and well-being. They wanted to focus on natural, carefully selected ingredients while finding the right balance between gentle production methods and maximum effects. 

It was their daughters who inspired the name, DYO+. Through Horodyska and Zellmer's friendship, it meant their ideals and passions were amplified, doubled. DYO+ represents this as ‘dyo’, which means duo, or ‘two’ in Greek.


Susanne Zellmer "Susi"


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Susi began building DYO+ in 2019. With the knowledge she gained after a period of study at the International Institute of Naturopathy in Switzerland, Susi started developing a new range of nutritional supplements designed to maximize the effectiveness of their composite parts.

Susi has a expansive background in advertising, having founded her own agency, Loup GmbH in 1994 after completing communication design studies at the Ecole d'Art Maryse, in Paris. After relocating to the USA in 2016, the agency was successfully sold, leaving Susi free to apply her expertise in marketing and design for DYO+.

Besides that, Susi is a keen cook, a nature enthusiast, and a yoga lover.

Patrycja Horodyska "Pat"


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Prior to her work with DYO+, Pat was working for international organizations like European Commission, World Bank and for the President of Poland at the European Integration Office. She  was educated in five different countries and lived in many places around the world. She has a double Master's Degree in International Business at the University of Economics in Poland and Germany, an executive Master in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and completed executive education at Harvard University and Columbia University. 

Pat loves the idea of supporting people's beauty and well-being, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. She is a keen skier, tennis player and loves traveling.




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