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Date Established 10/2019
Founder Erin Aliaga and Cameron Hecht
Headquarters San Mateo, CA
Press Contact Erin Aliaga



Drops of Dough makes the best tasting, elevated frozen cookie dough and ice cream sandwiches on the market using high quality ingredients and a recipe perfected over years of trial-and-error. They use only real ingredients and their commitment to doing business the right way means that they use environmentally friendly packaging, donate 5% of their sales (not profits) to pediatric cancer research, pay their staff fairly, and make a commitment to do business with others who believe that doing the right thing matters.

Founding Story

Erin and Cameron met in 1998 and have spent 23 years nourishing their friendship. They live 1.6 miles from each other and are raising seven kids between them. Erin is grateful for the joy and laughter Cameron brings to the friendship, while Cameron appreciates Erin's ambition. Together they launched Drops of Dough in 2019 with the goal of funding pediatric cancer research after three families in their community were diagnosed with the same rare form of bone cancer. Two years into the endeavor they are having a blast and are supporting a cause that means the world to them. They are also proud to have won a 2021 SOFI Award!


Erin Aliaga


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Graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Accounting. Erin Founded/Co-Founded 4 previous companies including a golf facility, a children's summer camp, and an online gift-giving platform. Erin is married and raising four boys in the Bay Area.

Cameron Hecht


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Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Communications. Cameron preciously owned and operated a floral shop in San Francisco. Cameron is married and raising three children in the Bay Area.


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