DRINK SIMPLE UPGRADES TO ECO-FRIENDLY SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING Drink Simple says goodbye to plastic and is packing its maple water in eco-friendly cartons
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St. Albans, VT (August, 2021)— Drink Simple, the pioneers in the maple water category are saying goodbye to plastic and upgrading to eco-friendly sustainable cartons.

Maple water is a clear nutrient rich liquid that flows through maple trees in the early spring. It is ultra-hydrating, naturally low in sugar and full of plant-powered nutrients. Studies have been conducted on maple water showing superior hydration benefits and the wide range of 46 phytonutrients along with anti-aging effects. More recent studies show that maple water reduces oxidative stress, is faster hydrating than water and improves VO2 Max and athletic aerobic performance.

Founders Kate Weiler and Jeff Rose originally got hooked on maple water because of its nutritional benefits, but quickly realized its impressive sustainability impact. Harvesting maple water contributes to preserving North American forests by providing economic incentive for land owners and farmers to keep the trees standing versus chopping them down for real estate. Forests containing maple trees absorb and store carbon to mitigate climate change while also providing fresh oxygen through photosynthesis.

Ditching plastic bottles and upgrading to eco-friendly cartons reflects the sustainability of the product and furthers Drink Simple’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Made with mainly plant-based and renewable materials, the Tetra Pak cartons are also certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC certified cartons support the wellbeing of the world’s forests. Plant-based materials are better for the environment because they can be replenished over time and enable a move away from fossil fuel-based materials. Tetra Pak’s factories meet high environmental standards, use as few resources as possible and are largely powered by renewable energy.

“We always have been proud about making not only a healthful, but a very sustainable product. We are thrilled to be taking this next step to be eliminating plastic bottles and upgrading to renewable plant-based packaging that better reflects our sustainable and healthful product and our brand values.” – Kate Weiler, Co-Founder and CEO of Drink Simple.

Drink Simple’s original maple water is available now on their website www.drinksimple.com, Amazon.com and will be hitting retailers this fall.

About Drink Simple

Drink Simple is a New England based beverage company that harnesses the natural power of trees to create plant-powered, delicious maple water that is enhanced with natural biological benefits and imbued from some magic from Mother Nature. In a world where so many products are full of artificial ingredients, Drink Simple is proud to tap refreshment directly from nature to help people thrive naturally.

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