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Date Established 02/2022
Founder Kevin Menard
Headquarters Sag Harbor, NY
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Abbey Blakeman


SLEEP Gummies
SLEEP Gummies $50.00
LOVE Gummies
LOVE Gummies $50.00
ENERGY Gummies
ENERGY Gummies $50.00
CHILL Gummies
CHILL Gummies $50.00
FOCUS Gummies
FOCUS Gummies $50.00


Dragon Hemp is a wellness brand sepcializing in CBD-Hemp and medicinal herb-based formulas. The products were conceived by renowned practitioner, Kevin Menard, LAc, a Sports Medicine Acupuncturist with a range of expertise in alternative health solutions.

Dragon Hemp is the synthesis of Chinese herb medicine with modern CBD applications. It is premium, inspired, and effective.

The concept of Dragon Hemp was born out of necessity. The products were designed to augment our Founder, Kevin Menard’s patients’ acupuncture treatments using CBD phenomena with select, powerful Chinese herbs to address the conditions he sees in his clinic with natural supplements.

Dragon Hemp products are made with carefully sourced ingredients in a proprietary blend of full-spectrum hemp extract, Chinese herbs, and native botanical extracts.

Each product has its own unique formulation that’s crafted for efficacy based on ancient practices and modern needs.

Founding Story

Years after the astounding developments in CBD science and research, founder Kevin Menard began to include hemp oil into his personal health routine. When combined with Chinese Herbs and other native botanicals, the effects were stunning, and before long Kevin was able to integrate these proprietary blends into his burgeoning wellness enterprise.

Dragon Hemp Formulas are a vital synthesis of ancient herbal remedies with modern advancements in CBD.

Products come in several easy-to-consume forms and are aligned with specific need states. Whether your trouble is pain, malaise, anxiety, low-energy, stagnation or waning libido - to name but a few - Dragon Hemp has something to help you.

Team Bios

Kevin Menard is a NY-based Sports Medicine Acupuncturist and Founder of Dragon Hemp. He is based in Sag Harbor, NY where he started his acupuncture clinic specializing in Sports Medicine Acupuncture in 2012. His experience with the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of acupuncture, coupled with the innate health benefits of CBD, has helped him create a brand that brings eastern medicine to the CBD enthusiast, those familiar with Chinese herbs and interested in using it as a bridge to CBD, or those who are new to it altogether and interested in expanding their wellness horizons.




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