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Spice-based tea concentrates and sodas


Date Established 12/2013
Founder Amy Rothstein
Headquarters Brooklyn. NY
Press Contact Christina Lazzaro


Dona Masala Chai Concentrate
Dona Masala Chai Concentrate $24.00
DONA Dirty Chai
DONA Dirty Chai $44.00
DONA Sodas
DONA Sodas $24.00
DONA Tisanes
DONA Tisanes $28.00
DONA Turmeric Concentrate
DONA Turmeric Concentrate $24.00
DONA Zero Waste Spice Dust | Turmeric
DONA Zero Waste Spice Dust | Turmeric $10.00


DONA is a line of spice-based beverages (concentrates, sodas and tisanes) crafted from the highest quality ingredients and brewed in Brooklyn using a slow-steeping process. DONA pays attention to how the spices taste, where they come from, and how they're sourced - single origin and/or directly traded ingredients is of the utmost importance to DONA Founder, Amy Rothstein, and the DONA team. Committed to sustainability, each week, DONA send 400 gallons of food scraps to McEnroe Organic Farm in Upstate New York to be composted. Responsible for diverting over 20,000 gallons of food from landfills each year, DONA is working towards zero waste brewing by limiting synthetics & single-use plastics in the production process. Small team, small batches slow steeped ensures that each sip of a DONA latte, soda, or Tisane is perfectly balanced and delicious. DONA beverages are offered in a variety of concentrates (masala chai, tumeric; from $24/bottle), tisanes (cardomon mint, elderflower fennel; from $28/pack) and sodas (tumeric honeybush, juniper lime, pink peppercorn lemon; from $24/pack) and are available for purchase at Whole Foods, Amazon and at

Founding Story

Founder Amy Rothstein came up with the idea for DONA while she was a graduate student in the Food Studies program at New York University (NYU). Spending a lot of time in coffee shops studying and working on projects, she was dissatisfied with the quality of chai offerrings available. Spices and their origins was something Amy had always gravitated towards. 

Team Bios

Amy Rothstein


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Born and raised in Michigan, Amy Rothstein founded DONA in 2014. It began with Amy's recipe for homemade masala chai that she sold to local cafes in New York City. Since then, DONA’s grown a lot. Staying true to values, DONA is brewed in small batches and uses ingredients that matter. Now, DONA are makers of a full line of beverages, each crafted with thoughtfully sourced spices, herbs & flowers. Amy is grateful that DONA is part of a larger community of female founders and food lovers who want to grow a culture of well-being and build a better food system. 


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