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Date Established 11/2022
Founder Amari Smith
Headquarters Springfield,Illinois
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Amari Smith


Our brand was created with one thing in mind. the betterment of others. The way to feel better is by being able to afford the basic needs in life. Once you can do that successfully the world is your oyster.

Founding Story

The beginning of everything was Amari Smith learning to love herself completely and wanting to teach it to others. Amari started writing books. the first book was Mateo learns to love himself, a children's novel. Amari believed at the same that it was best to start with the kids because you can't love anyone else until you learn to love your self. Smith now has about 16 books all about self love and how to learn these lessons and keep them in your everyday life. After doing this Amari made a course on teachable to teach adults about the self love journey and the vital steps that need to be taken in order to change your life forever for the better. This is how Dollar Guru came about Amari realized that if you can't afford that are basic needs like food, water, medicine. how would you get to even have the time to learn about self love and become a better you.




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