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Doctor D's Sparkling Probiotic

The sparkling probiotic drink with benefits


Date Established 01/2014
Founder Stuart Dimson, Susan MacLachlan, & James Beckmeyer
Headquarters Louisville, CO
Press Contact Haley Simmons


Crisp Apple
Crisp Apple $2.99
Ginger Brew
Ginger Brew $2.99
Tart Cherry
Tart Cherry $2.99
Defense $2.99
Energy $2.99


Doctor D’s is innovating gut health by crafting the best tasting living probiotic drinks that everyone can enjoy. Their family-owned company chooses sustainability in every step, from responsibly sourced organic ingredients, to the well-being of their team. They brew the most delicious drinks in the most conscious way to support a healthier planet and you!

Doctor D's live-ferments water kefir cultures using a few simple ingredients to create an organic sparkling probiotic beverage. The result is a delicious tasting beverage, a rarity among the live-fermented set. Appealing to a wide variety of customers from health and specialty to conventional markets and retailers. Their commitment to quality ensures producing an organic high-quality probiotic beverage. Doctor D's Sparkling Probiotic contains probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. No powdered probiotics or chemically produced ingredients, just honest ingredients for a refreshing drink that recalls a simpler time.

Founding Story

Doctor D’s began when husband and wife duo, Susan and Stuart, were running a Wellness Practice in 2014. After researching the numerous benefits of fermentation, Stuart started making at home to better support his family’s digestive health. They experienced significant changes in their gut health, and felt noticeably better and more energetic. What began as a wellness journey quickly evolved into a delicious gut tonic, their children loved the taste so much Susan and Stuart had to compete just to get a sip!

Brewing larger quantities of the living probiotic drink came naturally - their passion for health and wellness needed to be shared with others. A drink that tastes amazing and has gut health benefits was sure to be popular! Shortly after sampling, their neighbor Jim Beckmeyer, also a master brewer, joined the team. Together, they created the healthy soda alternative now known as Doctor D’s.

Doctor D’s continues to grow and evolve, experimenting with flavors and recipes to create the most delicious drinks in the most conscious way possible to support a healthier planet and people!

Team Bios

James Beckmeyer

Co-Founder & COO

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As Co-founder and COO Jim is the glue that holds the Doctor’s team together. With 15 years experience as a freelance event producer and technical advisor for companies such as IBM, Major League Baseball and the NCAA. His experience and leadership have focused on technology systems to stay organized and keep operations running smoothly and successfully at Doctor D’s. Jim has beverage production experience and is a graduate of The Siebel Institute and the World Brewing Academy's Brewing Technology program in Chicago, IL. Jim thrives on creating systems and he is deeply committed to the Doctor D’s mission to bring healthy and great tasting beverages to as many people as possible. Jim practices kung fu to stay nimble and loves spending time hiking and camping with his wife and kids.

Stuart Dimson

Co-Founder & CEO

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Stuart’s entrepreneurial journey started founding a company making recycled wood flooring and furniture 25 years ago and has continued to this day. He is responsible for diverting the equivalent of 5,000 acres of trees from landfills. Stuart has a Master’s in Acupuncture/Chinese Herbal Medicine and ran a wellness center with his wife, Susan, where his clients first sampled Doctor D’s drinks. Stuart crafted the recipe initially for his own digestive health and Susan saw the potential in a probiotic drink that tastes delicious. They took a leap and rented out a space big enough so Stuart could continue to practice acupuncture in the office area and make probiotic drinks in the back warehouse space.

Today both Stuart’s sons are part of the Doctor D’s team, with Oak serving as the Senior Manufacturing Engineer. Doctor D’s is the culmination of a lifetime dream of building a successful family business for Stuart.

Stuart heads to the Colorado mountains in his free time and is an expert Skier who enjoys the outdoors as well as playing piano.

Susan started learning about entrepreneurship at her family’s restaurants at 5 years old, when her father told her real, quality ingredients make all the difference. In NYC she worked for her family’s Data & Telecommunications Consulting firm for clients such as Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs internationally. She studied Fine Arts and Psychology at Fort Lewis College. Susan enjoys yoga, dance and is a foodie at heart who loves cooking and dreaming up new healthy recipes. Susan is passionate about her vision of making healthy products accessible to everyone with Doctor D’s drinks.


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