Dented Brick Celebrates Pride Month with Disco-Nut Rum and the Utah Pride Center Dented Brick Distillery Makes a Donation to Pride For Each Bottle Sold
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Dented Brick Distillery is donating a portion of the profits from each bottle of Disco-Nut Coconut Rum sold during the month of June to the Utah Pride Center in support of the LGBT+ community during Pride Month. Disco-Nut Coconut Rum, originally created in 2019, was envisioned as a way to support the Utah Pride Center from its inception. Blended with edible glitter, this distinctive spirit has an opalescent sheen that creates stunning social-media worthy cocktails and serves as a perfect base for any fruity creation.

“I’ve always felt that we have a very active and passionate pride community in Salt Lake City,” says Marc Christenson, founder and CEO of Dented Brick Distillery. “We set out to create a way to give back to them – to a community that enriches our city and stands up for inclusivity, We decided to try and capture the look and feel of 1970’s disco. It looks just like an ordinary bottle of rum until you give it a good shake – that’s when the magic happens.”

On the nose, the expression boasts a delightful, rich tropical sweetness layered with notes of coconut milk and sweet cream. Subtle sugary aromas, combined with citrus fruits, drift upwards, leaving a delicate palm fragrance lingering. To taste, gentle notes of honey, coconut cream pie and powdered sugar present sweetly on the palate. This blend of tropical flavors lingers on the tongue to create a smooth and exceptional finish. Disco Nut Coconut Rum is available in 750 ml bottles and has an MSRP of $19.99. It’s available for purchase in most states, and has an ABV of 25%

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