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Date Established 12/2020
Founder Isabella Spataro
Headquarters Cali, Colombia
Press Contact Isabella Spataro


Della Terra, Italian for "from the earth", is your go-to brand for fashionable sustainable essentials at fair prices. Della Terra commits themselves to producing timeless pieces from premium conscious raw materials and are completely transparent about their entire supply chain and the impact that their products have on the planet and its people.

Della Terra understands that the business world operates under an imperfect system. Their mission is to create and cultivate a new way of doing business that cares for the interests of its community and the planet. They invest their time, resources and imagination to create high-quality products at fair prices designed to last, and will ultimately end the excessive consumerism that has invaded our society. 

Founding Story

Isabella Spataro, founder and Creative Director of Della Terra, lived and breathed fashion since birth - learning the ins and outs of her family’s garment manufacturing factory in Colombia. She has always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and when it came time to go to school Isabella moved to NYC to fulfill her dream and attend Art school.

During her 8 years living in New York, Isabella gained experience working for an array of world renowned Fashion houses. However, gaining an insider look behind the curtains of the fashion industry also brought on the realization that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries int he world, and one that has little regard for the future of the people wearing it as well as the planet.

It was with that wake up call that she decided to get certified as a Sustainable Designer and shift her career path. She moved to Guatemala and later on to South Africa to work with artisans.

After years of working for other brands she finally decided to start her own business and use everything she had learnt to create Della Terra.


Isabella Spataro

Founder & Creative Director

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Isabella Spataro has been immersed in fashion her entire life. Her family owns a garment manufacturing factory in Colombia giving her perspective and knowledge about raw materials, textiles, fabrics, trims, and supply chain from a very early age.

After graduating, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in fashion and moved to New York City to obtain her bachelor's degree in Fashion Design. While at Pratt she worked for big fashion houses like Vera Wang and Perry Ellis but quickly realized she wanted to not only work in the industry, buy help it shift its modus-operandi to one that accounts for the environment's needs and protects it's resources. In order to do that she went on to get certified in Sustainable Design at FIT and started pursuing a career in sustainable fashion.

After some years working for different sustainability-oriented businesses, Isabella started her own label with the mission to create a business model built on and backed by an ethical and sustainable supply chain.