LUCAS BOLS BRINGS PREMIERE NON-ALCOHOLIC SPIRT, DAMRAK VIRGIN 0.0, TO THE UNITED STATES World’s Oldest Distilled Spirits Brand Relaunches Signature Damrak Gin, And Launches Zero-Proof Counterpart
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Lucas Bols, a leading global cocktail and spirits brand based in Amsterdam, launches Damrak Virgin 0.0 this October in the United States. The non-alcoholic alternative contains the recognizable botanicals, including citrus peels, lavender, and coriander seeds, that its alcoholic counterpart, Damrak Original Gin, is known for. Damrak Gin will also relaunch with a full rebrand reflective of its sister product. Both Damrak Virgin and Damrak Gin are available for nationwide shipping via, as well as in traditional retailers across the United States. Damrak Virgin 0.0 will be available via Amazon. Damrak Virgin 0.0 retails at $24.99 for a 700ml and Damrak Original retails at $22.99 for a 750ml; taxes and fees may be added per state and retailer policies.

Damrak is the first gin brand to launch a non-alcoholic alternative, with Lucas Bols’ master distiller Piet van Leijenhorst spending two years perfecting the zero proof formula, ensuring that even at 0% alcohol, the spirit can stand out in a cocktail and mirror Damrak Gin’s flavor profile. Damrak Virgin 0.0, a gluten-, sugar-, and calorie-free distilled spirit, was the highest rated in the 2020 Ultimate Spirits Challenge Non-Alcoholic Spirit category. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that, worldwide, the rate of alcohol drinkers fell by nearly 5% over the past several years, creating the perfect window of opportunity for Damrak to introduce this non-alcoholic variant.

“As a spirits company with a vast portfolio and global reach, we found it to be of the utmost importance to create a product that was relevant with the changing times, yet remained true to our historic roots,” said Brett Dunne, Lucas Bols’ North America Managing Director. “Bringing Damrak Virgin 0.0 to market is one of our most exciting launches to date, and it is a true reflection of its highly regarded alcoholic counterpart, Damrak Gin.”

The launch of Damrak Virgin has provided the ideal opportunity for the line’s namesake signature product, Damrak Gin, to undergo a brand refresh. Lucas Bols’ signature gin, highly regarded for its citrus-forward flavor, has received accolades including winning the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. As a nod to its Amsterdam roots, the gin is named for the Damrak, the mooring place for merchant ships bringing herbs and spices into Amsterdam in the mid-16th century, when Lucas Bols was founded, now the city’s central square. Damrak Gin’s fresh citrus notes stand in contrast to a London dry gin. The gin is not only well rounded, but accessible, making it a perfect spirit for connoisseurs and novices alike.

Whether customers want an alcoholic or non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic, Damrak’s duo offerings are the ideal spirit to include. To make a Damrak (Vir)Gin & Tonic, combine one-part Damrak Gin or Virgin and three-parts good quality tonic. Garnish with an orange wheel or two.

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