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100% natural fem care & skin care made for women, by women.


Date Established 01/2016
Founder Chia Chia Sun
Headquarters Toronto, Canada
Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Alexis Kennedy


Damiva is a women’s health company committed to making 100% natural fem care and skin care products for every phase of life. Developed by women for women, Damiva holds patents for creating 100% natural vegan, topical solutions designed with your long-term needs and health in mind.

Damiva's safe & effective products deliver relief and moisturization while supporting the restoration of the skin’s natural microbiome. Whether it's skin care or fem care products, each Damiva solution is water-free, chemical-free, hormone free & pH-balanced.

Founding Story

Damiva was founded by Chia Chia Sun, CEO, and her partner Gardiner Smith, President, in 2012. Both are pharmaceutical business executives with extensive research & development experience. When Chia Chia discovered that all the women's products on the drugstore shelf contain so many chemicals, she and Gardiner decided they would remedy the situation.

As the company expanded, Annette Garcea, having an extensive background in women’s health, hormones, diet, yoga, and meditation, joined Damiva both as their Health & Wellness expert and co-owner in 2020. Chia Chia, Gardiner, and Annette are unified in their conviction, passion, and devotion to making women’s lives better naturally.


Annette Garcea

Wellness Lead

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Alexis Kennedy

Marketing Director

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Chia Chia Sun

Founder, CEO

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