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Date Established 07/2019
Founder Amin Hasani, Jed Tango
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY
Beverage, Home, Health & Wellness, Food
Press Contact Amin Hasani


Human Friendly Mug
Human Friendly Mug $15.95
CURVD® Pride Mug
CURVD® Pride Mug $19.95
You Are Purrrfect
You Are Purrrfect $19.95
Custom CURVD® Mug for Businesses
Custom CURVD® Mug for Businesses $13.50
PositiviTEA $19.95
CURVD® Ergonomic Mr. & Mrs. Mug Set
CURVD® Ergonomic Mr. & Mrs. Mug Set $39.45


CURVD® is a mission-oriented consumer houseware product. CURVD team challenges the status quo of everyday products through inclusivity, accessibility, aesthetics, and premium materials.

Top 100 designs of 2021 by the Innovation magazine, the Human-Friendly CURVD® Mug.

The CURVD® ergonomic mug adds a new level of comfort to your morning coffee. The award-winning patent-pending handle transfers the weight of the drink to the muscles and not to the joints. This way the mug requires minimum effort to pick up and allows for a more enjoyable experience for all users while still being accessible to the elderly and those with disabilities, creating a friendlier, more inclusive environment for everyone.

Founding Story

Amin and Jed met in Brooklyn in 2016 through a mutual, after designing 3D printable assistive devices for people with disabilities, launched a project called Blue Heart Hero. They created a network of industrial designers and the disability community. Today their project is sponsored by Xometry, the largest network of manufacturers in the U.S.

Amin spoke at the International Design Conference 2021 by IDSA, shared his concerns of how society defines disability and separates the differently-abled. The problem is not people's abilities, it is the design of the products, services, and tasks around us.

Amin and Jed decided to redesign everyday products with everyone in mind. After reviewing lots of products, they decided to start with improving the promotional white ceramic mugs. After hundreds of prototypes, testing with the disabled community members, elderlies, abled bodies, and others, the latest version of the CURVD® mug was born.

The CURVD® mug was one of top 100 designs of 2021 by the Innovation magazine and Yanko Design called it the product that breaks biases. CURVD® exists to redesign everyday houseware products with everyone in mind to create a world that includes all the underrepresented communities.

Team Bios

Amin is an entrepreneur who migrated from Iran in 2015, found his way from homeless in NYC to Design Director of Plugout, designing products for major brands in the United States such as Amazon, BofA, Chase, etc. He has 55+ products and 12+ patents in the U.S.

He is a mechanical engineer with a passion for product design & development, business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and leadership. He started the Human Friendly™ mission to change how society looks at disability and inclusivity through design.

In his spare time, Amin loves cooking pizza, baking bread, trying new recipes, and failing his way up to mastering them.

Jed is a licensed sailor who used to sail U.S. foreign aid to Africa and has a master’s degree in Ocean Engineering. He is from upstate NY, loves the nature, and outdoor activities.

He spends most of his time tinkering and prototyping different things, such as a hydroponic garden that grows strawberries in his Brooklyn apartment or building new 3D printers designed to work onboard ships. He loves to think different and find new ways to improve products.

In 2019, Jed designed and fabricated his own geodesic dome with a glass ceiling, and placed it next to a lake house upstate NY.




Abilities Magazine - Dec 20, 2021 Get Ahead of the Curve with CURVD® Accessible Mugs "Blue Heart Hero, a 3D printable assistive device company in Brooklyn, was created to help those with limb differences and disabilities. However, Amin and Jed, the founders of Blue Heart Hero, realized that the problem lies in the design of certain products, not the people. This led them to create CURVD®..."
Baruch College - Dec 06, 2021 Zicklin’s MBA Business Consulting Program Helps Startup Realize Its Vision of Bringing Inclusive Design to the Masses "Baruch College assists CURVD® with business development and go-to-market strategies."
Digital Journal - Nov 19, 2021 CURVD Touts Its Ergonomic Mug As The Perfect Human-Friendly Promotional Gift Item For Companies. "CURVD is delighted to announce that businesses looking for promotional gifts, as well as individuals in need of beautiful modern print mugs, can depend on its uniquely designed ergonomic mugs to guarantee a comfortable holding experience for everyone."
IDSA - Oct 01, 2021 Human Friendly Mug "This affordable coffee mug was designed to fit every hand, regardless of its shape or capabilities, reinforcing the idea that the products we use every day should be designed with everyone in mind."
Yanko Design - Jan 19, 2021 Designing Products That Break Biases "When a product fails to serve a person, that person is not disabled, the product just wasn’t designed right. The CURVD mug was designed to allow all hands, regardless of their hand capability or shape, to be able to enjoy a beverage without limitations,” says Hasani."


Not only would this be very welcome in someone’s home but I believe for commercial spaces this would be very inclusive to every customer.

Rick Barton

Interior Designer

Things that were made accessible for the disability community were not cute - and did not have style in mind! I can type this message out and drink tea at the SAME time.

Sarah Tuberty

Occupational Therapist - Disability Advocate

In a coffee shop, it is a much more comfortable mug for people to hold it also opens the door to those who might find the traditional mugs uncomfortable.

Dave Ness

Culinary Hospitality

It's the mug we all didn't know we needed!

Chernise Harris


The mug is fantastic. We just received it. Great design and excellent quality. We are presenting it to a friend who has only one finger on her hand. She will be very appricative of this very thoughtful design.

Mark Khan

Founder at Silverbait Design


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