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Curious Elixirs

Craft Cocktails Without the Booze


Founder JW Wiseman
Headquarters Hudson River Valley, New York
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Juliana Pesavento


Curious Elixirs are booze-free craft cocktails, handmade with the best ingredients - they are gluten-free, caffeine-free, and contain no refined sugar, or preservatives. Curious Elixirs are perfect for those who want to enjoy a flavorful beverage without the negative effects of alcohol. With their complex flavors and unique combinations, these drinks are an ideal choice for social situations or simply for individuals who want to cut back on their drinking without compromising on taste.. Curious Elixirs believes that non-alcoholic drinks should be delicious and well-crafted with bold and adventurous flavors and good-for-you ingredients. Imbibers will enjoy flavors like:

  • No 1: A beautifully bitter booze-free pomegranate cocktail inspired by the Negroni Sbagliato, infused with rhodiola to lift you up 
  • No. 2: A spicy pineapple margarita meets the smoldering ginger and lime Dark and Stormy, infused with damiana to help you unwind 
  • No. 3: a booze-free blend of lemon, cucumber, alpine flowers, herbs, and ashwagandha to help you de-stress, inspired by the Cucumber Collins 

Each flavor is handcrafted by Curious’ team of world-class bartenders, food scientists, and herbalists using organic juices, herbs, spices, roots and botanicals with body-boosting and mind-soothing effects. The brand has served millions of customers in some of the best restaurants in the world, including Daniel and The French Laundry, nightclubs like House of Yes, and in the comfort of fans' own homes through Curious Elixir’s robust direct-to-consumer business. 

Founding Story

Eight years ago, before the $10 billion sober curious industry was what it is today, Curious Elixirs was born. Founder JW Wiseman woke up one morning after 20 drinks in a single night and decided to radically change his relationship with alcohol. What started as a curiosity about life with less booze transformed into one of the companies that pioneered the N/A category. 


Curious No. 1
Curious No. 1 $40.00
Curious No. 2
Curious No. 2 $40.00
Curious Elixir No. 3
Curious Elixir No. 3 $40.00
Curious Elixir No. 4
Curious Elixir No. 4 $40.00
Curious Elixir No. 5
Curious Elixir No. 5 $45.00
Curious No. 6
Curious No. 6 $40.00
Curious No. 7
Curious No. 7 $40.00
Curious No. 8
Curious No. 8 $68.00

Team Bios

JW Wiseman


see bio

After cutting his teeth working for NBC, Focus Features, and on Broadway, JW Wiseman joined Thrillist as the third employee and head of marketing. Leading Thrillist's marketing and partnerships, JW Wiseman took the lifestyle publication from 15,000 readers to a multi-platform content + commerce group with millions of subscribers in 20+ markets. In May 2010, Thrillist acquired JackThreads, a members-only e-commerce shopping club for guys, which JW and his team grew from 150,000 to 5 million members.

After almost seven years at Thrillist, JW joined Skillshare, the global learning community where anyone can learn real-life skills from incredible teachers. The company’s mission: to democratize learning and help people build their lives, businesses and careers without soul-crushing student debt. After increasing Skillshare’s membership base from 200,000 to 1.2 million, JW founded a marketing agency with a new way of doing things: Good Business. Good Business helps companies that aim to do well and do good in the world, primarily in the food and wellness industries. The mission at Good Business is to help passionate people grow companies that provide nourishing and delicious options free from refined sugar and fake ingredients. Companies Good Business has jumpstarted include Daily Harvest, Health Warrior, and most recently BUBBLE.

In 2015, after a personal decision to consume less alcohol, JW founded Curious Elixirs, a booze-free cocktail company whose mission it is to redefine how people drink socially by providing delicious, complex, and healthy adult beverages packed with adaptogens. Curious Elixirs was the first brand in America to revolutionize the now-booming nonalcoholic beverage industry, and remains a fast-growing leader in the category, increasing revenue 533% since 2019. The brand has served millions of customers in some of the best restaurants in the world, like Daniel and The French Laundry, nightclubs like House of Yes, and in the comfort of fans' own homes through Curious Elixir’s robust direct-to-consumer business. 

Together with partners, JW has also built bars and restaurants. In 2010, he opened the subterranean bar The Whiskey Brooklyn, the boutique liquor store The Whiskey Shop, and also invested in  Williamsburg's OUTPUT, which ran for six years as New York City’s premiere techno club.

JW has also been honored to advise on the marketing council for the Food Bank for NYC, which helps provide millions of meals for hungry New Yorkers every year.


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