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CULT Artisan Beverage Co.

Arizona's Original Beverage Provider Offering Botanical Infusions & Arabica Coffee Products


Date Established 05/1997
Founder Rick Grayson
Headquarters Phoenix, AZ
Beverage, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Michelle McQueen, EIC Agency


Candied Pecan Ground Coffee
Candied Pecan Ground Coffee $16.00
Mistletoe Mocha Ground Coffee
Mistletoe Mocha Ground Coffee $16.00
Christmas Cookie Ground Coffee
Christmas Cookie Ground Coffee $16.00
CULT Organic Honduras Comucap K-CUPS
CULT Organic Honduras Comucap K-CUPS $15.50
CULT Pomegranate Hibiscus Botanical
CULT Pomegranate Hibiscus Botanical $2.99
CULT Guatemala Sunrise K-CUPS
CULT Guatemala Sunrise K-CUPS $15.50
CULT Colombian Dream Ground Coffee
CULT Colombian Dream Ground Coffee $15.00
CULT Espresso Supreme Ground Coffee
CULT Espresso Supreme Ground Coffee $15.00
CULT Blackberry Açaí Botanical
CULT Blackberry Açaí Botanical $2.99
CULT Glorious Morning Ground Coffee
CULT Glorious Morning Ground Coffee $15.00
CULT Strawberry Lemon Botanical
CULT Strawberry Lemon Botanical $2.99


CULT Artisan Beverage Co., known for their speciality coffee products, first started serving local businesses in Arizona from restaurants, hotels and resorts, golf courses, theme parks and specialty venues, casinos, coffee shops, college and universities, catering companies, retail grocery operations and convenience stores.

Today, CULT has expanded its footprint into retailers nationwide with their premium ground coffee products and their newest line of Botanical Infusions, using pure and clean ingredients that are 100% plant based, artisan hand blended then slow-steeped for an amazingly fresh and crisp taste that can be enjoyed all day long. CULT's Botanicals provide instant refreshment and extended hydration with unbeatable attributes like: 100% All Natural, 100% Plant Based, 0 Sugar, 0 Caffeine, Low to No Calories, 0 Fat, 0 Cholestrol, and Natural Antioxidants & Electrolytes. NOW Available at Sprouts Nationwide and in Walmarts and Fry's stores in Arizona.

Founding Story

From their roots starting in the Phoenix valley in 1999, to the company today, the name is driven from their Culture & desire to Cultivate the industry in a positive way. Having a culture of growth with amazing industry operators & incredible products is what drives them.

They believe in the hard work their farmers do to create quality raw materials that they can then harness & transition into fantastic beverages. CULT champions the hard work their clients do to take those CULT products & finish the process to create that WOW with their customers. It is a beautiful cycle that is sustainable as long as everyone works together for that outcome.

Team Bios

Accomplished and results-driven Business Development Executive with extensive experience and substantial success in directing large - scale sales, marketing, and business development initiatives in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Expertise includes the transformation of under performing business units and the rapid growth of start-ups.

Applies clear direction, uses a comprehensive understanding of regional and national markets to translate strategy into the delivery of targets, and builds strong relationships with key partners. Streamlines operations to enhance efficiency, cut costs and boost profits, motivates cross-functional teams to success and cultivates strategic relationships with vendors, suppliers, and key industry stakeholders. Proficient in Microsoft Suite, SharePoint, QuickBooks, and a variety of CRM systems.

After a 30+ year career in foodservice in many leadership positions, in many dynamic markets, in corporate environments and as an entrepreneur, I have seen the Farm to Fork supply chain at every level. The takeaways from that combined experience has crafted me into an individual that not only understands how critical the foodservice supply chain is but also how it is under an incredible amount of stress and has fracture lines.

Knowledge of how each piece of the puzzle fits together and then understanding how fragile the pieces are leads to wondering what disruptive technology will completely change it, and when. Just as we have learned from Facebook and LinkedIn (and many others now), self organizing behavior and the power of network business models verses operating in an enterprise hierarchy (which means an inside out behavior), clearly shows networks are winning and winning big. That changes everything and the old 20th century business models just can't sustain themselves against the 21st century platform that is hyper-quick, flexible and focused on crafting an amazing consumer experience. This shift creates big opportunities but even bigger fears.

I have been working in the coffee industry since 1995. I started in production and had great interest in roasting as well as other aspects of coffee. I joined Roasters Guild in 2004 and have been a continuous member since. I have fed my passion throughout the years to expand my knowledge and work diligently to grow my roll. I am so very happy to be heading up our sourcing, innovation and production here at CULT.

Rick Grayson


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Rick Grayson is one of the original founders of what is now CULT Artisan Beverage Co. He started it with a cousin back in the mid 90’s to now serving as chairman of the board.

From the corporate world to a family owned business, Rick saw the abundant opportunity in the specialty coffee space and went to work on exactly that. Soon after, he moved to Arizona and started the journey of taking over the Arizona market in specialty coffee.







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