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Date Established 04/2018
Founder Leo Carrillo III
Headquarters San Diego, CA
Press Contact Leo Carrillo III


Sea Salt Spray - 6oz
Sea Salt Spray - 6oz $23.00
Gel Pomade - 6oz
Gel Pomade - 6oz $20.00
Hair Moisturizer - 3oz
Hair Moisturizer - 3oz $23.00
Hair Powder - 1oz
Hair Powder - 1oz $18.00
Hair Wax - 2oz
Hair Wax - 2oz $16.00
Hair Clay - 2.8oz
Hair Clay - 2.8oz $23.00
Hair Paste - 2oz
Hair Paste - 2oz $16.00
Sea Salt Spray + Hair Clay Bundle
Sea Salt Spray + Hair Clay Bundle $36.00
Daily Facial Cleanser
Daily Facial Cleanser $15.00
Daily Facial Moisturizer
Daily Facial Moisturizer $18.00
Exfoliating Charcoal Scrub
Exfoliating Charcoal Scrub $18.00
Essentials Skincare Kit for Men
Essentials Skincare Kit for Men $41.00
Hair Cream 2oz
Hair Cream 2oz $16.00


We make a premium line of grooming products developed to help guys look and feel their best.

Appearance plays a large role in a man's confidence. We’re normalizing the idea that taking care of yourself is a part of being a modern man and want every guy to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

Though easy to understand content and packaging, expert recommended product pairings, and a masculine brand, we create an inclusive environment for men to take the guesswork out of their routine and focus on what matters.

Founding Story

It all started in 2017 at San Diego State University when Leo Carillo III and Alex Padua first realized their dissatisfaction with the available grooming products on the market. A majority of the market was centered around traditional barber shops and there wasn’t a relatable brand speaking to young and driven individuals (especially online). That’s when they took things into their own hands, setting out to create a line of uncompromising hair products at fair and honest prices.

After an incomprehensible amount of research, meticulous testing, and months of development, Hair Craft Co. was born. The approach has remained consistent from the first product launched to our last, never delivering anything less than exceptional.  The guys quickly went from a couple naïve graduates to experts in the space, pushing every day to perfect their craft.

We believe your look is the root of confidence and is subsequently... your greatest investment. We take that seriously. By taking the guesswork out of your morning routine with a line of uncompromising grooming products, we leave time for the relentless, the driven, and the determined to chase what really matters.  We are truly our own customers, just a band of guys who care about how they look and striving to get 1% better every day. Our promise is to always be at the cutting edge of grooming to make sure no matter your style, you’re feeling confident in your own skin.

Here’s to mastering your craft.

Team Bios

Leo Carrillo is a 27-year-old passionate entrepreneur based out of San Diego, CA. Currently, Carrillo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hair Craft Co.

Prior to Hair Craft Co., Carrillo helped scale and co-lead Tinuiti’s (FKA CPC Strategy) Amazon Department for 4 years, becoming the largest Amazon Ad Agency in the world. His primary focus was on growth opportunities and keeping Tinuiti ahead of its competitors by constantly evolving and improving the online experiences of clients so they could thrive on bottom-of-the-funnel and top-of-the-funnel retail search channels.

Additionally, Carrillo serves as a mentor to students through the San Diego State University's Aztec Mentor Program. Carrillo’s commitment to SDSU is driven by his experience there as Student Body Vice President, which uniquely placed him as COO of Associated Students, a $30M student-directed not-for-profit auxiliary organization of San Diego State University.




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“Thanks to the Hair Craft Co. Team for supplying the goods. Top of the line!”

Cole Mazza

“Beard game stronger than ever thanks to Hair Craft Co.”

Maxx Crosby

“My favorite hair product!”

Dominick Cruz


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