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Handmade shoes and sneakers since 1908 - every order, made to order


Date Established 01/1908
Headquarters NORTHAMPTON, UK
Press Contact MARK HIGGS


Crown Northampton is a proud, fifth generation family owned company that understands the rich and important shoemaking heritage of their town and location. This appreciation for tradition and excellence has been utilized in all aspects of the footwear they produce today.

Crown Northampton design is timeless yet with a progressive mindset. All collections feature traditional British methods of construction across men's and women's unisex styles. Using only the finest locally sourced materials, all footwear is handmade to order in our Northampton factory.

Handmade In England - Since 1908

Founding Story

Originally formed in 1908 as Earnest Woodford & Sons, Crown Northampton continues its historical traditions by combining tried and tested handmade methods of craftsmanship with the world’s very best materials. The result; the highest quality footwear that will forever be linked with the centuries-old Northampton shoe trade.

Today, Crown Northampton proudly remains in fifth-generation family ownership, under the direction of Managing Director Chris Woodford, the great, great-grandson of Earnest. Since taking the helm at the family business, Chris has forged strong wholesale distribution links with top stores and boutiques in Japan. This exposure to one of the most important, leading fashion and footwear markets in the world has helped influence the core DNA of the Crown Northampton brand and aid its evolution.

Crown Northampton believes that ‘Made In England’ should mean ‘Made In England’, from start to finish. We are fully committed to making all of our sneakers, shoes and boots here in England, with no outsourcing of labour or manufacturing to overseas factories.

This code of practice ensures that we have full control of our products from the early design stages to the final quality checks and finishing. We are proud to be one of the few remaining boot and shoe factories that manufacture 100% of products in England and have done since 1908.

We only employ skilled shoemakers and passionate apprentices who can be taught the local tried and tested ways of working.

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