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Date Established 08/2022
Founder Bethany Ratliff
Headquarters San Jose, CA
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Bethany Ratliff


Croptuck is a fashion brand that offers a simple and innovative styling tool for those who love expressing themselves through fashion. Croptuck was created to empower people to control, perfect, and multiply their unique style, comfortably and intentionally, by enabling them to increase the utility of their existing and future wardrobes. With Croptuck, you control how you want to style your tops. Whether you want a blousy French tuck, without the hassle of bunching into the front of your pants, or you want a chic, slightly cropped style without succumbing to any of those uncomfortable and inconvenient bra or belt hacks.

Croptuck enables people of all genders and almost any size to modernize their wardrobe by styling them in a variety of ways. It's a perfect tool for those who want to get more use out of their existing clothes and shop their closet. By giving customers the power to easily and simply re-style their tops and dresses, customers can feel great about reducing their environmental impact by shopping less, or getting more looks out of their pricier investment pieces. So, whether you're wanting to add a more polished look to your slouchier comfy tops or want an edgier, high fashion look for a night out (like when Croptuck was used at Vancouver Fashion Week), Croptuck's got your back... and your front!

Founding Story

Bethany Ratliff was frustrated. She saw the all the stylish oversized tops being perfectly tucked, gathered, cropped, and bloused on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest, but actually implementing them was nearly impossible. She tried all the "fashion hacks" out there to get these perfectly styled tops only to have the top come undone—or become unimaginably uncomfortable—within 5 minutes. Bethany quickly realized all the hacks, tips, and tricks to get the perfectly tucked top really only lasted long enough for the content creator to get a quick picture or viral video, but not for all-day wear. She saw an opportunity to create a product that would help women feel more confident and stylish in their clothes.

That's when she decided to design a better option. It had to be simple, effective, lightweight, and adjustable so that it could be comfortable for the entire day of your outfit. From there, Bethany started experimenting with different materials and designs, eventually creating the Croptuck we know today.

With Croptuck, she has provided a simple and customizable way for people to achieve their desired style, whether they prefer a subtle crop or an edgier tuck. By enabling this versatility, anyone can express themselves through fashion in a way that feels authentic, comfortable, and body positive.

Launched in August of 2022, Croptuck has quickly and organically gained popularity among women who wanted an easy and affordable way to crop and tuck their tops. Today, Bethany continues to innovate and improve the Croptuck, always striving to make it even better for her customers.


Croptuck $14.99

Team Bios

Bethany Ratliff, Founder and CEO of Croptuck, is no stranger to innovation and creative problem-solving. With a background in personal finance and years of experience working with small startups, she always had a passion for finding ways to make people's lives easier and more efficient.

Bethany had always been a fan of hacks and tools that helped her get the most out of life. As a busy professional, she was constantly looking for ways to save time and make everyday tasks more manageable, extending even to styling her clothes. One day, while trying to diy crop a shirt for a night out, she found herself struggling with bulky belts and makeshift solutions that just wouldn't work. There were also the countless times that she would get the perfect french tuck simply to have to redo it every time she went to the bathroom.

Frustrated by the lack of options available to her, Bethany knew there had to be a better way. She began tinkering with different designs and prototypes until she finally came up with the perfect solution: Croptuck.

Croptuck is a simple yet effective tool that allows anyone to easily and effortlessly tuck and crop their clothes for the perfect fit. Bethany's experience in personal finance helped her keep the price point low and accessible, while her startup background allowed her to successfully launch the product into the market.

Through Croptuck, Bethany has been able to combine her passion for innovative solutions with her desire to help people feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Her journey is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and creative problem-solving. By founding her business, Bethany has created a brand that empowers people to express themselves through fashion in a way that feels authentic and comfortable.


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