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Crew Supply Co.

Barware company inspiring bartenders, baristas, and at-home mixologists to confidently and creatively pursue their passion


Date Established 07/2018
Founder Marshall Sterling, Kyle McElfresh
Headquarters Columbus, OH
Beverage, Hospitality, Food, Home
Press Contact Ali Velas


Pride Pack
Pride Pack $144.99
Classic Crew Bottle
Classic Crew Bottle $24.99
Crafty Crew Bottle
Crafty Crew Bottle $24.99
Chubby Bottle
Chubby Bottle $22.99
Pour Boy Pour Spout
Pour Boy Pour Spout $2.99
Craft Tech Mixing Glass
Craft Tech Mixing Glass $26.99
Standard Strainer
Standard Strainer $17.99
Better Bar Spoon
Better Bar Spoon $10.99
Infusion Kit
Infusion Kit $59.99
Essential At-Home Mixology Kit
Essential At-Home Mixology Kit $72.99
Crew Cocktail Kit
Crew Cocktail Kit $62.99


Crew Supply Co was created to add a much-needed boost in quality to the barware market and inspire bartenders, baristas, and at-home mixologists to pursue their passion confidently and creatively. At the heart of their products lie a deep understanding of industry pain-points and necessities, which stem from the years they spent working behind the bar. By focusing on problems rather than products, they developed solutions to pain-points and innovated in ways that other barware brands can't.

Founding Story

Throughout a decade-long bartending career, founder Kyle McElfresh grew increasingly dissatisfied with the poor quality of barware available to industry professionals and aspiring mixologists. While other tradespeople had access to professional gear, the bartending community was relegated to a market filled with low-quality tools that almost seem designed to fall apart.

There was a clear void for high-quality, functional barware that needed to be filled. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands and enlisted the help of his former Marine pal (and now CEO) — Marshall Sterling. With a focus on quality and functionality, Kyle and Marshall spent years developing a new category of high-quality barware for people and programs that take pride in what they do.


Kyle McElfresh

Founder, Brand Director

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Kyle's bartending journey started in Columbus, OH, in 2011. His passion for the craft led him to New Orleans, Chicago, and Los Angeles—where Crew was founded in 2018. Throughout his decade-long stretch in hospitality, Kyle worked the gamut of beverage programs (from renowned craft cocktail programs to the diviest of dive bars), continually noting opportunities to improve efficiency, cleanliness, and team morale behind the bar.

Marshall Sterling

Founder, CEO

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Marshall’s experience is a balance of two careers - one as an engineer in the United States Marine Corps, the other in international supply chain management for Abercrombie & Fitch. This background in supply chain management would prove critical in the years leading up to launch, as Crew built a production model from the ground up and challenged the status quo of giant retailers and cheap disposable products.




This is the perfect gift for a friend that tends a home bar. The bottles are great quality and design is flawless. The ability to easily infuse and clean is amazing. It brought me joy to be able to give this to my friend to be able to improve their home bartending experience.

Pierre G.

I’ve been waiting to buy these bottles for some time, and I’m glad I finally did. They have excellent utility to store a variety of liquids, and they’re easy to fill with the open bottom. My home bar tending game has greatly improved with the addition of these bottles!

Aaron C.

I’ve tried various ways in the past to infuse vodka, but these make it so easy! My friends love it and I’ve had to send these bottles as gifts!

Del T.

I love these bottles! I'm an herbalism student and these bottles make working with plants and alcohol a much easier and more sanitary process.

Jennifer S.

I am a home bartender and love trying new recipes. I read about freezing cocktails. I got three Crew Bottles to make and freeze my favorite cocktails, Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, and Negronis. The bottles work great. I got the crafty style to help with measuring. Now my favorites are waiting in the freezer when I get home from work!

Lee H.

As someone who enjoys cooking and making cocktails, there are endless uses for these bottles.

Jay H.

I personally didn't think I'd end up buying any of the Crew bottles in the beginning. It was always just on my wish list of "one day" items. However, since they arrived at my house, they've been amazing. I'm ecstatic at how easy they are to clean. They really help me entertain all my house guests too - everyone loves that it's 1) a homemade syrup/juice cocktail/etc, and 2) REUSABLE and recyclable!

Scott S.

As a long-time bartender, I highly recommend Crew products to industry professionals. These products are extremely high-quality and well-thought.

Kyle E.


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