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Creek Water Whiskey

Award-winning American whiskey crafted in North Carolina.


Date Established 06/2018
Founder Next Century Spirits
Headquarters Raleigh, North Carolina
Press Contact Anthony Moniello


Creek Water 100 Proof
Creek Water 100 Proof $24.99
Creek Water American Cinnamon
Creek Water American Cinnamon $19.99


Creek Water Whiskey is carefully crafted in Durham, North Carolina using a bourbon mash of 21% rye, 4% malt, 75% corn. The brand has scaled rapidly since its June 2018 launch, with more than 8000 cases produced, and distribution to 24 states across the country.

Both Creek Water's 100 Proof and American Cinnamon variants have been recognized at prestigious spirits competitions across the nation including the Bartender Spirits Awards, New York International Spirits Competition, and the San Franciso World Spirits Competition.

Founding Story

From the mind of Slumerican founder and global recording artist Yelawolf, Creek Water is an American whiskey that, since its inception, has been breaking through all traditional barriers in the spirits industry. The grassroots approach fosters a bond with loyal consumers who have true style and grit. From millennials and hipsters to blue-collar workers and bikers alike, Creek Water is the brand that says real recognize real.

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To know Creek Water whiskey is to know Yelawolf and to know Yelawolf is to know a global recording artist, visionary, and serial entrepreneur all rolled into one. The brand was named after Yelawolf's debut Creek Water album, released in 2005 and recorded in the basement of his Gadsden, AL home.

In addition to Creek Water, Yelawolf is also the founder of his popular lifestyle and clothing brand Slumerican. Yelawolf in conjunction with his dedicated fanbase have been integral in Creek Water's overwhelming success.


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