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Core and Rind

Deliciously creamy and dairy free cashew cheesy sauces


Date Established 04/2016
Founder Candi Haas & Rita Childers
Headquarters St. Louis, MO USA
Press Contact Rita Childers


Cashew Cheesy Sauce - Bold & Spicy
Cashew Cheesy Sauce - Bold & Spicy $9.99
Cashew Cheesy Sauce - Rich & Smoky
Cashew Cheesy Sauce - Rich & Smoky $9.99
Cashew Cheesy Sauce - Sharp & Tangy
Cashew Cheesy Sauce - Sharp & Tangy $9.99


Core and Rind created deliciously creamy and dairy free cashew cheesy sauces. Made from whole, real, plant-based ingredients, all of which you can pronounce. Core and Rind Founders, Candi and Rita, spent years developing these sauces to make it easier to eat real food, one cheesy bite at a time. Create creamy macaroni and cheese, smothered veggies, gooey nachos or any of your favorite cheesy meals with Core and Rind's three punchy flavors: Bold & Spicy, Rich & Smoky and Sharp & Tangy. Available for purchase online and at fine markets and grocery stores throughout the country for $9.99/ jar.

Founding Story

Founded by Culinary Nutrition Experts Candi and Rita who spent years developing their cashew cheesy sauce collection in hopes to make your journey to health easier and tastier.  Core and Rind believes that health begins with one small and delicious change in the kitchen. Let them nourish you from the Core to the Rind.


Candi Haas & Rita Childers


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Candi and Rita started selling healthy-for-you items four years ago at their local Farmers Market in St. Louis, MO, after a life-changing Culinary Nutrition program. Core & Rind’s customers loved Cashew Cheesy Sauce so much that they decided to take a year and a half to perfect a shelf-stable recipe and fill the void in the middle aisles of the grocery store with this pantry staple of plant based goodness. Cashew Cheesy Sauce was born from years of trial and error in their own kitchens- no food labs and scientists involved here! Enjoy dairy free macaroni and cheese, gooey nachos, plant-based or paleo pizza and even on a salad, if that floats your boat.  All without fear of eating chemicals, additives, and unpronounceable ingredients. Core and Rind wants to nourish you, one cheesy bite at a time. Their products are made of real food, always. 


Whole Foods
The Goods Mart
Thrive Market
Erewhon Market


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