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A New Way to Pour Wine


Founder Greg Lambrecht
Press Contact Colleen Neuberger


Coravin, Inc. is the first and only global wine technology on a mission to change the way the world experiences wine. Through innovation, Coravin empowers wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and trade professionals to re-imagine the way they taste, serve, drink, sell and market wine. Its award-winning Coravin Wine Preservation Systems enable wine lovers to pour any wine, in any amount, and preserve the life of their bottles for weeks, months or even years.

Founding Story

Greg Lambrecht, the founder and inventor of Coravin, combined his knowledge of medical-grade needles with his passion for wine to develop a unique wine preservation system that allowed him to pour wine without removing the cork. In the late 1990s, he brought his expertise in creating ultra-gentle and exceptionally precise needles for pediatric chemotherapy delivery to his home workshop, where he began working on a device that would change the way he drank wine.

When Greg’s wife was pregnant with their first child, Greg found himself without a drinking partner. Now he was stuck having to drink a whole bottle once he opened it or pour it down the drain once it went bad, but what he truly wanted was the perfect glass of wine. Determined to find a solution, Greg put his dual degrees from MIT to work designing and prototyping a device that would allow him to pour wine by the glass. It would be more than eight years before he would launch the first Coravin Wine Preservation System: the Model C1000.


Coravin Sparkling®
Coravin Sparkling® $299.00
Timeless Six+
Timeless Six+ $329.02
Timeless Three+
Timeless Three+ $229.00
Pivot™+ $148.98


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