Exciting Foods for a third of the cost — The ultimate subscription box for food is now available!
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Cooking Panda is shaking up the food scene with its seasonal subscription boxes curated by, and for, food enthusiasts. Each season, food experts handpick an exclusive collection of foods, snacks, and beverages that are sure to woo every foodie.
This winter, Cooking Panda has crafted a box that weighs over 15 pounds with over 25 brand-new, trending, and mouth watering products. Not only is the food delicious, but the unboxing experience is a fun affair for the entire family or friend group. 15 pounds of premium food for a third of what you’d pay at the grocery store — that’s one unbeatable deal!

What’s In the Box? Unbox a delicious surprise every time! The Cooking Panda Winter Box features over 25 premium food and beverage products, offering a wide variety of tantalizing tastes and smells.  Discover the latest food and beverage products from popular and trending brands that cover your entire food routine — from cooking to snacking. There is something for everyone, guaranteed. Wondering what to cook with the products? Each box includes a specialized recipe guide, making it easy for beginner and expert cooks alike to craft delicious meals from the items in the box. At an incredible price of only $44.99, members will receive 20 pounds of food that they can savor throughout the holidays and new year, until the spring box arrives at their door. And an added perk? Free shipping, always.
Our customers have rallied behind the Cooking Panda movement from day one.

“I was absolutely thrilled with my first box, and have already put many of the items to good use.  And adding everything up it was a tremendous value.  Can't wait for the winter box!!!” - Linda B., Subscription Member.

“Packed to the top!! Super fast shipping and so many new items to try, and a few favorites inside! We gathered around the box to have the unpacking — so much fun!” - Kim R., Subscription Member.

Get it $150 worth of delicious snacks, foods, and ingredients for the great low price of $44.99

Learn more about the Winter Box at www.cookingpanda.com

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