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Date Established 01/2014
Founder Noel and Waseem Ballou
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Beverage, Food
Press Contact Noel Ballou


Cooking Panda is a platform for launching and growing food brands, containing three main pillars including Panda Studios, Panda Ventures, and the Cooking Panda Foodie Box. Cooking Panda strives to bring the culinary skills and knowledge to all viewers, ranging from advanced home cooks to foodies who are just beginning their culinary journey. Panda Studios serves as a digital platform to bring creative, enticing, mouth-watering culinary content to viewers all around the world.

This content helps to educate and inspire a wide range of viewers to bring out the inner-chef in all of us. The Cooking Panda Foodie Box is a seasonal subscription box where customers receive a food-and-beverage-filled package that will satisfy even the pickiest of foodie enthusiasts! These seasonal boxes have some recognizable brands, but they also serve as a way for up and coming brands to receive recognition, and for customers to discover new and delicious snacks that they might not see at their supermarket. The food enthusiasts at Cooking Panda also create “box hacks” and recipe books that accompany these boxes, leaving the deliciously creative possibilities for these box ingredients endless!

Cooking Panda loyal fans truly admire the brand’s mission of bringing this content and delicious food to their tables, and this fanbase is only expected to continue growing overtime!

Founding Story

The Cooking Panda founders recognize and respect the power that food holds within our households, our communities, and our societies: food brings individuals together, it offers people a chance to engage with each other, learn from one another, and overall keep us happy and healthy. They truly believe that each and every one of us holds the culinary skills and knowledge to create an engaging community around the table, and they are determined to bring these abilities out of us!

That’s exactly why they started Cooking Panda: through easy-to-follow, engaging visual content to seasonal boxes that contain new and exciting ingredients, they set the consumer up with the ingredients, creativity, knowledge, and confidence to create delicious meals that the whole family will love. In doing so, they also support small food and beverage businesses and essentially offer them a platform to get their name out in the public, at no cost to them!


Noel and Waseem Ballou


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Brothers and business partners, Waseem and Noel Ballou, are the dynamic duo behind Cooking Panda’s success! Both Waseem and Noel are interested in the connections that the food and beverage industry provides to individuals and communities. Waseem is a graduate from San Jose State University, and Noel graduated from University of California Riverside. Together, they started a digital marketing company called Teez Agency, which later became Foodeez, a production company solely focused on creating food and beverage content.

Waseem and Noel are now the foodie enthusiasts that manage Cooking Panda. They partnered with successful entrepreneur and investor, Eytan Elbaz, to turn their ideas for Cooking Panda into realities! Together, they were able to make Cooking Panda come to life and evolve it into the creative culinary brand that we all know and love.