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Date Established 09/2020
Founder Celestia Howe
Headquarters Boulder, CO
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Erica Fagan


Marine Collagen | Unflavored
Marine Collagen | Unflavored $45.95
Marine Collagen | Cacao
Marine Collagen | Cacao $48.95


Cofo is made up of a diverse team of outdoor athletes, parents, and wellbeing aficionados. They lead busy lives and balance work, family, and pursuits. They're hypersensitive about the food they use to nourish their bodies and saw the need for something that met their active life, inner wellbeing and aligned with their environmental values. Cofo was born out of a passion for lifting their lives through community and nourishing food without all the toxins and sugar.

The Cofo team believes that when you combine outside adventures and fitness with natural, clean food that is free from sugars, lots of carbs, and toxins, you start to feel good inside. It's with this belief that Cofo founded D's Trees and Greens. Cofo donates 1% of their gross sales each quarter to communities that build urban nature areas, offer programs for kids and families to enjoy nature, support regenerative agriculture, and increase accessibility of clean, sustainably sourced food for all incomes.

Founding Story

Celestia Howe found that collagen was a great supplement to help her recover from long mountain bike rides. However, when she started researching where the collagen was coming from, she became discouraged. Most collagen was from bovine (cow) and did not consider the impact on the environment. She set out to find the highest quality collagen that was environmentally conscious and bioavailable. If she was concerned about this, she knew others would be too. Working with the Marine Stewardship Council, she was able to source marine collagen that is highly bioavailable and takes great care in protecting the health of our ocean.

Team Bios

When working long hours at a tech company, competing in mountain bike races, and taking care of her daughter, Celestia quickly became physically tired. Bars and gels didn't work since she has Celiac disease and she didn't want to load up on lots of sugar. She realized she needed a new kind of easy-to-take nutrient-dense protein to keep her feeling strong and energized. She started Cofo with a commitment to clean, environmentally-conscious collagen that helps others stay active and feel good inside. She was selected as a Forbes Next 1000 Entrepreneur in 2021.


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"Just as we need to pay attention to where the meat and seafood we eat comes from, we need to pay attention to where our collagen comes from. Cofo's Marine Collagen is the one collagen that I feel 100% confident about when it comes to quality and purity. It's noticeable that they really care about their product."

Uri Carlson

Registered Dietician

I'm so grateful that I found Cofo Provisions. It is difficult to wade through all of the collagen products on the market and Cofo sets itself apart by taking a serious approach to quality. I love that this collagen is sourced from wild Alaskan fish that is processed in a Marine Stewardship Council approved facility. Of course, the fact that it is free of gluten, sugar, gmos and chemicals is a game-changer as well. Cofo Provisions is the only collagen I recommend to my clients.

Sydney Greene



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