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Date Established 01/2019
Founder Max Waggoner, Mike Zapata
Headquarters Santa Barbara, CA
Outdoor Adventure
Press Contact JLS PR


The mission of CLIQ is to help people spend more time outdoors, in greater comfort – making outside chairs that are as much fun to set up as they are to sit in.

CLIQ’S patented hub technology, telescoping legs, and all-in-one design fold into the size of a large bottle. You can clip it to your backpack or toss it inside. When you reach your cliff-side, seaside or soccer-side destination, a few quick movements unfold the spring-loaded legs and click the canopy into place, magically transforming into a contoured, stable seat. The CLIQ hub is a feat of mechanical engineering that makes your chair open and close with the ease of an umbrella.

Founding Story

It started way back, okay not so far back, let’s say 2019 in sunny Santa Barbara. There we were sitting around with friends and family…could have been at a campsite, on the beach, on the sidelines of a kid’s soccer game, or all of the above. Bummer was, the chairs we had simply weren't comfortable, not to mention a pain to set up and lug around. Trust us, we tried every chair on the market. The big, the bad, the ugly. And don’t get us started with tent poles. We think those should be for tents, not chairs.

So, we decided to start a better outdoor chair company. We assembled a top-notch team with expertise in product design, engineering, and customer service. We tinkered and tested, invented and filed patents, until it all just CLIQed.

Today, CLIQ is making outdoor chairs that are as much fun to set up as they are to sit in. Easy to set up and take down. Amazingly comfortable and durable. Perfectly portable and packable. And because we believe the best measure of sustainability is making a product that lasts, we’ve built CLIQ to stand (or should we say sit) the test of time.


CLIQ Chair
CLIQ Chair $109.00
CLIQ Lounge
CLIQ Lounge $219.99




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