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CLAIRE Fertility

A wellness platform serving women navigating reproductive challenges


Date Established 01/2021
Founder Ashleigh Marie Brown
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Tech, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Ashleigh Marie Brown


The CLAIRE App $9.99


CLAIRE Fertility is an integrative health & wellness platform for women navigating reproductive challenges.

CLAIRE is the first women's brand dedicated to the comprehensive wellness of the growing number of women striving to become mothers amidst infertility and other obstacles. This means they support not solely reproductive, but sexual, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial health considerations as integral areas of life to be optimized during the journey to parenthood.

The platform is designed to be a woman's first stop when conception or family-planning proves problematic, and they are focused on supporting the personal mission of women striving for motherhood via creative, strategic, mission-oriented solutions + robust community.

In a world where CLAIRE is optimized, they guide and empower "pre-prenatal" women to motherhood feeling confident, strong, and supported.

CLAIRE launches via their beta app this summer and can be downloaded in the iOS/Google stores as well as accessed via native web app capability.

Founding Story

CLAIRE Fertility was born when founder Ashleigh Marie Brown, an Assisted Reproductive Technology executive, realized the chasm between the medical treatment and the overall wellness of her clients and friends navigating reproductive challenges. She set out to imagine a solution that both saw and addressed the whole woman as well as supplemented her medical treatment, holistically. Acknowledging that the chief complaint of assisted reproduction patients is the overwhelming confusion, she created a solution that provided essential clarity to this woman. While in Paris on sabbatical, an idea of "claire" (the feminine of "clear" in French) fertility was born. Following the completion of a Bay Area ideation/early stage accelerator, she incorporated and began building CLAIRE at the top of 2020.


Ashleigh Marie Brown

Founder & CEO

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Ashleigh is a writer, creative strategist, and tech founder with a focus on women-focused branding and sexual & reproductive health. She is the founder of CLAIRE Fertility, a startup dedicated to optimizing the integrated wellness of women navigating reproductive challenges. Her background includes 12 years of clinical + executive roles in ART (Assisted Reproduction Technology) as well as a long career as a creative in digital media and advertising.

When she's not innovating for women, she's writing, reading, traveling, strength training, cooking, and discovering new wines. She is an alumnus of The George Washington University.

Tia Newcomer

Strategic Advisor

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Tia Newcomer has a career of leading, building and creating great cultures that drive profits and growth through world class customer experience at companies that care about, and for, humans. She is an experienced board member and commercial go to market (GTM) expert known for driving focus and higher IRR for companies with senior executives and her teams. Tia has created successful GTM strategies and owned $200M+ P&Ls across Global Fortune Ten, Private Equity and VC backed companies primarily in the $467B life sciences industry. Leading commercial value creation has driven two successful exits: one with a 35% IRR, 2.3x ROIC and 15x EBITDA. Tia’s strength is bringing together sales and marketing teams to create exit value through best in class customer experience and purpose driven brands.


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