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Chickapea Pasta

Organic chickpea and lentil pasta


Date Established
Founder Shelby Taylor
Headquarters Canada
Press Contact Emerald-Jane Hunter


Chickapea Elbows
Chickapea Elbows $27.99
Chickapea Lasagne (6 Pack)
Chickapea Lasagne (6 Pack) $29.99
Linguine (6 Pack)
Linguine (6 Pack) $27.99
Shells (6 Pack)
Shells (6 Pack) $27.99


Founded by entrepreneur Shelby Taylor in 2015, Chickapea is dedicated to providing plant-based, organic foods that are minimally processed, rich in nutrients and made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Chickapea is proud to be a certified B Corporation whose mission is to create good in the world through nutritious, organic meal options and impactful social contributions. Quickly gaining ground as a healthy brand people trust, the Chickapea brand is the pasta of choice for many families, health food professionals, athletes, seniors and health-conscious consumers.

Founding Story

Chickapea was created to provide a nutritious, convenient and familiar meal option to families dealing with time constraints, picky eaters, allergies and health issues.

Team Bios

Shelby Taylor


see bio

As a former health shop owner and new mom herself, Shelby recognized the challenge of putting a healthy meal on the table that everyone would enjoy, so she turned a family favorite (pasta) into a superfood by producing it with only two wholesome ingredients: organic chickpeas and lentils. Since launching in 2016, it’s become clear that Chickapea not only hits the mark with families, but with all types of people looking to improve their health without sacrificing taste or time.



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