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Design-focused play structures for children created by brothers Nasir and Saber inspired by their childhood in Iran


Founder Nasir and Saber
Headquarters Houston, TX
Home, Parenting, Sustainability
Press Contact Sydney Campbell


Mini Climbing Triangle
Mini Climbing Triangle $199.00
Large Climbing Triangle
Large Climbing Triangle $299.00


So much of our world today is battery-powered. From tablets to toys, our children are often surrounded by loud sounds and flashing screens. And while these diversions can have their place, they’re driving children away from nature and their own imaginations.

At Cassarokids, we’re dedicated to bringing back play in its purest form. You may not always be able to get the kids outside, climbing trees or swinging on monkey bars. But with the help of Cassarokids indoor play structures — climbing triangles, arches, ramps, and more — your child can safely explore their limits while building stronger bodies and minds.

Build a better world for your children without the noise and distractions. And create a life full of imagination and joy.

Founding Story

Meet Nasir and Saber, the two brothers and co-founders of Cassarokids. Their company is driven by their passion for beautiful design, sustainability, and love of play. Both brothers were born in the city of Shiraz, Iran — internationally known for its amazing art and design. The culture of Shiraz is immersed in luxurious fabrics and beauty — and it made for a brightly colored childhood. Almost every day, their family would venture into town. And on the way home, they would often take a shortcut through the Grand Bazaar. Watching the artists make their furniture with beautiful inlays and brass plates was mesmerizing. Oftentimes, they can still smell the spices and picture all the colorful fabrics. It was their happy place. Shiraz exposed them to the arts, and they both developed an early appreciation for design. The memories of their childhood are soaked in the colors, textures, and beauty of the natural world. A world they strive as a business to protect.

After moving to Dubai in the late 70s, brothers Nasir and Saber both began working with their family in their new interior design firm. This family business grew into Cassaro — a now internationally-known line of designer fabrics. And as Cassaro grew, their family traveled, visiting different manufacturers around the world and exploring a wide range of cultures. After attending college in Texas, they both chose to settle in Houston. And their first job outside of college was to expand Cassaro to the US market.

It was a joy, and they learned a lot. But after marrying and starting our their own families, both Nasir and Saber knew they wanted to get back to their first loves — creating imaginative, innovative, eco-friendly, and beautiful furniture.

While traveling through Italy they were introduced to wooden, indoor play structures. They reminded us of our childhood adventures — climbing trees and exploring. And their kids loved them. Having the freedom to climb and explore without needing to leave home was exciting. And it captured something we felt was missing in today’s society — joy in imaginative play.

So, with their young kids and their own colorful childhood as inspiration, they created the first Cassarokids product — the Rainbow Rocker.

As their products have expanded, so has their mission: To create a better world with our sustainable and imaginative playsets. Because with a little more imagination and better choices, we can create a brighter, more colorful future for everyone.



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