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Using the power of scent to transform houses to homes.


Date Established 06/2021
Founder Hannah Skardon
Headquarters Long Island, NY
Press Contact Charlotte Atkinson


Good Mornings Candle
Good Mornings Candle $36.00
Quiet Evenings Candle
Quiet Evenings Candle $36.00
Bright Moments Candle
Bright Moments Candle $36.00
3 Candle Gift Set
3 Candle Gift Set $95.00
Atmosphere Diffuser
Atmosphere Diffuser $90.00


CASA Home believes that no matter who you are, your home should be a place for you to thrive. Expertly blended with world-renowned perfumers and ethically sourced, every scent created by CASA Home is crafted to shape your mood and mind. CASA Home has designed minimal, clean shapes that fit into any home, with influence from Mediterranean modernism and industrial design, to both look and smell beautiful. As a mission-driven company, every purchase helps to support A Sense Of Home (ASOH) – a non-profit providing home goods for those transitioning from homelessness and into a true home, with both essentials (like kitchen utensils) and comforts (such as plant pots).

A portion of every CASA Home purchase goes to ASOH, to help transform one space into a place to call home every week for former foster youth.

CASA Home responsibly sources high-quality ingredients from all over the world and then carefully blends them in Grasse, France. This is where their nose and world-famous expert perfumer, Stephanie Anderson of International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) works to craft scents, powered by science that transform moods, moments and homes. All their bespoke scents have been crafted exclusively for CASA Home.

They have officially debuted their new line of candles and essential oils – vegan, all natural, and cruelty-free – with only clean ingredients free from GMOs, sulphates, parabens and synthetic colors. The CASA Home team has conscientiously curated their ingredients list to only include those essential oils which come from premium, ethical sources harvested at the perfect moment. In addition to candles, CASA Home has recently launched a premium diffuser, the Atmosphere Diffuser.

An environmentally conscious brand with an eye for minimalist design, CASA Home's specially designed home fragrances blend seamlessly into your living space, with simple colors, modern silhouettes and clean lines that will compliment any room.

Founding Story

A home is not only a place, it is a feeling. Somewhere to be creative or calm, inspired or energized. CASA Home combines the highest-quality mood-shaping fragrances with modern designs to create a collection of products that help make your house feel like a home - and do the same for others too.

Earlier this year, the Department of Housing and Urban Development reported more than 580,000 people experienced homelessness on a single night in the United States in 2020. What's more, 50% percent of those struggling and searching for homes are former foster youth. Recognizing this acute issue and disparity, CASA Home works closely with nonprofit partner A Sense of Home (ASOH), bringing awareness specifically to this unseen population of foster youth "aging out" of the system.

CASA Home further wanted to provide distinct scents that inspire moods and help drive that sense of "home," home. Strategically partnering with IFF has allowed CASA Home to work with local producers from around the world, and to provide pure, natural, responsible ingredients in their products. With IFF's expertise in the design of fragrances with strong and measured emotional resonance, scientists and performers determine translation of moods right into their essential oil ingredients.

Working with ethical farmers to ensure ingredients are responsibly sourced and recyclable packaging choices keep sustainability at the forefront at CASA Home. With a goal to bring their mission full circle, the package delivering gift sets can in turn be repurposed to send donated items directly to ASOH, free of charge for patrons.


Stephanie Anderson

Perfumer, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)

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Born in Scotland, Stephanie studied Chemistry at university in England, before moving abroad to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a perfumer. She has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, the US and France before settling in the Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Stephanie has worked in all categories of perfumery and particularly loves creating with natural ingredients in a sustainable way to brighten people’s lives and homes.

Georgie Smith

Founder & CEO, A Sense Of Home (ASOH)

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As Founder and CEO of the nonprofit A Sense of Home (ASOH), the acclaimed organization began when Smith responded to a cry for help on social media, by a young man who had aged out of foster care. Her random act of kindness spawned thousands of random acts of kindness, creating over 650 homes in 5 years for aged-out foster youth. Smith created an efficient system where in only 2 hours a home environment is created by volunteers, and designing the concept for the ASOH App – making it possible to scale the ASOH model around the world.

Smith was honored as a Top 10 CNN Hero, a nominee at the 2018 DVF Awards at the UN in NY, a Shero at the 2017 Women’s Choice Awards, and is featured in the books 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World and Random Acts of Kindness.

Hannah Skardon

Business Director, CASA Home

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Born and raised in the UK, Hannah has background in Marketing and eCommerce with over 5 years working in natural fragrances. Having worked in both the USA and the UK, she brings an innovative approach to marketing communications in the modern world where everyone is connected and brand trust is something to be cherished. Hannah has a unique approach to brand development, combining her personal passion for achieving the UN-SDG’s and her love for developing beautiful fragrance products with sustainable ingredients – and using this drive as a canvas for change.


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