Carmel Berry Company announces availability at select Whole Foods Market stores in Northern California
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CARMEL VALLEY, CA September 14, 2021: Carmel Berry Company, an elderberry company committed to using only fresh elderberries sourced directly from American farmers today announced availability of Company's Fresh-Pressed Elderberry Syrup and California Elderflower Syrup at select Whole Foods Market stores in Northern California. Products help home chefs and mixologists incorporate superfruit elderberries and elderflowers into their everyday cooking with delicious--and healthy—results. 

"We founded Carmel Berry Company to promote health and sustainability through elderberry products. Our ingredients are always fresh, never dried or imported, and 100% American grown,” said Katie Reneker, Carmel Berry Company co-founder. “We are so appreciative that Whole Foods Market recognized these values and our focus on quality. We are thrilled to have our products available at select Whole Foods Market stores, as a leader in sourcing high integrity products.” 

More information on elderberries and Carmel Berry Co products:

Find them in the mixer aisle, recipes abound for Cocktails, mocktails, cooking inspiration.

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About Carmel Berry Company
:  Located in Carmel Valley, CA and founded in 2015 by Katie and Ben Reneker, Carmel Berry Company is shaking up the elderberry industry by refusing to use imported dried berries and instead sourcing 100% American grown elderberries and flowers. Through grants and workshops founder Katie Reneker is building her own supply chain so that the company can stay true to its values of sourcing locally and delivering this powerful, antioxidant fruit, with the highest level of quality to consumers. To learn more about Carmel Berry Company’s complete line of products and purchase options visit:


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