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Date Established 08/2015
Founder Katie Reneker
Headquarters Carmel Valley, CA
Beverage, Food
Press Contact Katie Reneker


Elderberry Syrup
Elderberry Syrup $13.99
Elderflower Syrup
Elderflower Syrup $13.99
Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar
Elderberry Balsamic Vinegar $21.99
Elderberry Preserves and Marmalade
Elderberry Preserves and Marmalade $14.00


Carmel Berry Company, a female founded, family run business, makes fresh pressed elderberry goods from 100% American-grown elderberry and elderflowers sourced straight from their farmer friends!

Sourcing only from small organic farms to make small batch artisan syrups, preserves, and vinegars is the top priority. The berries are never dried, never imported, never diluted resulting in healthy, delicious goods handcrafted here in California.

Dedicated to not only bringing this native superfruit into to the kitchens of home cooks and mixologists, Carmel Berry Co also started their own grant and education program for new elderberry growers.

Founding Story

It was when their young children were bringing home all kinds of germs that Katie and Ben Reneker first learned about the health benefits of elderberries. At the time, elderberry products were only at the health food store, only imported from Europe, and all had thickeners or preservatives on the ingredient list. That’s when they discovered that elderberries grow wild all around Carmel Valley where they live and that they are native to North America!

So they started harvesting the berries from native trees and began making their own elderberry syrup using freshly pressed berries. Today, Carmel Berry Co. partners with small organic farms to grow American elderberries and elderflowers for our bright, clean and delicious products for everyday enjoyment. We endeavor to be the best possible stewards of our environment while bringing the health benefits of this superfood to our community and customers. Grants and education for new elderberry growers are part of our mission.


Katie Reneker

Founder and Director

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Carmel Berry Co combines all of Katie's greatest passions: healthy delicious food, farming, education, and community. Our commitment to sourcing American-grown elderberries and elderflowers meant that we needed to start literally from the ground up to build a supply chain! Leading workshops, offering grants to new growers, partnering with universities, and building both online and physical networks of growers are woven into the daily activities of running Carmel Berry Company.

Not to mention the fun of creating delicious elderberry products and ushering in the renaissance of this superfruit that has been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years!

Katie and Ben live in beautiful Carmel Valley, California with their two boys, cats, dog, chickens, and bees!


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New Seasons


“Carmel Berry Company is a local food success story,” says Deborah Luhrman, publisher of Edible Monterey Bay magazine. “It has been such a joy reporting on Katie over the past five years as she developed her business from a home kitchen operation using foraged berries to one capable of supplying Northern California, all the while staying rooted in the local community by teaching consumers about the value of using elderberries and California farmers about the value of growing them commercially.”

Deborah Luhrman, Edible Monterey Bay Publisher

“Carmel Berry Company has been an excellent partner in growing awareness, on the part of farmers, land managers, and consumers, of the ecologically beneficial attributes of native elderberry. Katie’s willingness to share her knowledge and expand the network of small-scale elderberry tenders in California is a testament to her vision for an environmentally sustainable, domestically-sourced crop.” -Gwenael Engelskirchen UC CANR

Gwenael Engelskirchen, University of California Agricultural and Natural Resources Center

“Liquid Gold! We’re fortunate to consistently stock our shelves with Carmel Berry Co.‘s provisions and help spread the word of this magical berry business.”

Madison Peregrina, Earthbound Farm Stand Manager


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