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Care Division

Small-batch, CBD products made with intentional ingredient to enrich your life


Date Established 05/2019
Headquarters Colorado
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Sara Spiegel


CARE CBD Oil Tincture
CARE CBD Oil Tincture $50.00
DREAM Sleep Tincture
DREAM Sleep Tincture $30.00
Paws & Tails Tincture
Paws & Tails Tincture $30.00
Mushroom Facial Moisturizer
Mushroom Facial Moisturizer $35.00
Carefree CBD Cream
Carefree CBD Cream $40.00
CBD Beard Butter
CBD Beard Butter $30.00
Holiday Lip Balm Bundle
Holiday Lip Balm Bundle $16.50
Chill Tincture
Chill Tincture $30.00


Made with hemp, which contains high amounts of CBD – a natural compound that aids wellness and soothes the senses. Small-batch, family owned business founded by two sisters Madison and Montana sets their CBD brand apart by using intentional ingredients like vitamin D, Szechuan peppercorn, passionflower and more that work effectively on their own to treat stress, sore muscles, sleep troubles, and more. It all started after a terrible brain injury occurred to Montana, and the only known remedy was prescription drugs. Unwilling to accept that as the sole solution, Madison and Montana researched alternatives, leading them to CBD. CBD cured Montana’s injury and now it helps others too. Care Division is on a mission to help enrich lives through traditional herbalism and modern science.

Founding Story

It all started after a traumatic brain injury occurred, and the only known remedy was prescription drugs. Sisters Madison and Montana learned first hand there was nothing natural that could help with all the trauma that comes with a head injury.

After seeing incredible and promising benefits from CBD, Madison and Montana knew they needed to share this discovery with others. This is when Care Division was created, on a mission to create the highest quality products and an affordable price.

Inspired by traditional herbalism, utilizing modern science with development in a CGMP facility, we create all of our products using pure CBD isolate sourced and processed in Colorado. Our formulas are designed to enhance the effects of hemp by blending it with synergistic compounds from plants, nootropics, and nutraceuticals while ensuring affordability.




Care has become such an important part of my daily routine! Since taking it I have noticed such an improvement in my skin and digestive health.



Taking Care has changed my life! It has helped with my anxiety. As a bonus, I have noticed an improvement in my skin/hair health.



This tincture is flat out amazing!! I have psoriasis, and have struggled to keep it under control for several years. I recently purchased Care, and can’t believe how quickly I started to see positive results! I apply it topically as well as orally daily, and am so thrilled with the improvement. Highly recommend!



I sent my grandparents Dream hoping to help them sleep better. I also use it to combat my own sleep issues. Can not recommend this product enough.



I love this product! I have had problems falling asleep for years. Dream really helps me to relax and gently fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. I have recommended Dream to several friends who have also had great results! I highly recommend Dream!



I ordered the cream for my sister who has been suffering from pain. I was advised by a friend to try the cream and guaranteed it would help her. I ordered the cream immediately. After the first use, she told me that the pain that has been extreme and debilitating went away in minutes!!!!! She literally called it MAGIC Cream! I just wanted to take a minute to thank Montana who helped me get the product to her quickly. I am a Care Division fan now, recommending it to everyone! You will be seeing more orders coming from me FOR SURE!



I bought a jar of this cream while traveling through Colorado. I have pain in my shoulder and neck frequently as well as my left hand. I used this cream and really find that it helps with the pain and achiness I experience. I can’t believe this really works!!! I am a huge fan and genuinely hope this product stays around for a long time! Oh, and I love the unique smell!

Alina Jones


Paws and Tails has been a life saver for our little dog. Franny had surgery on her knee and was getting sick from all the drugs they gave her and could not hold down food. Our vet recommended CBD for inflammation and comfort. We put it in her food in the morning and she naps and there has been no swelling around the incision. Great product.




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