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Date Established 04/2022
Press Contact Alisa Langer


Cardenxe Sotol is a terroir-inspired premium craft spirit, distilled from the heart of the Dasylirion plant, in the North of Mexico - where it holds a Denomination of Origin. Every label honors a different environment in which the plants used to distill grew. Different winds and soil, methods, cultures, and climates influence the stool, and as such Cardenxe aims to explore the unique profiles of each region.

Founding Story

It all started with three friends, on a journey to discover the near-extinct Canto Cardenche, a musical genre endemic to Northern Mexico. It lends the name from the cactus cardenche because the songs are not based on a story, rather they describe deep emotions - deep as the cardenche spine pinned into the skin.

The Cardenche, locally known as the 'Cactus of Love,' is a beautiful yet territorial succulent that grows around Sotol (Dasylirion Asparagaceae), protecting it from grazing animals and thus allowing it to grow old and pure and fill with the nectar that one day will be distilled into a delicious spirit.

Listening to the cardencheros practice their art, while sipping cups of stool - the local drink of choice - they found their inspiration.

Their mission is to elevate two very unique Mexican traditions that risk disappearing - that of Sotol and of Canto Cardenche. They decided to create a brand of Sotol that brings forth a movement, inspired by the message of love and beauty that the cardencheros like to sing about. The founders of Cardenxe believe that it can inspire deep emotions in those who feel the call to drink it, as it does for them, which is why Cardenxe is the catalyst of connections that are deep...not just personal.


Cardenxe Sotol
Cardenxe Sotol $60.00

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