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Date Established
Founder Chris Kajander
Headquarters New York
Press Contact Shey Aponte


By stripping away added sugars, emulsifiers, and other weird ingredients, Noons uses the whole cacao pod—seed and fruit—to let chocolate’s inner beauty shine. Made with organic quinoa, tropical fruits, and superfoods, Noons is one of the cleanest chocolate products on the market. Sweetened with cacao fruit, which is usually discarded in the chocolate-making process, Noons delivers great-tasting products that reduce waste and offer an improved nutritional profile. Cacao fruit provides a delicate sweetness and added health nutrients, including magnesium, B vitamins, and various antioxidants. Better for the environment, better for you, and delicious, Noons are paleo-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. 

Noons is a brand committed to sourcing and sustainability. By working with farmers who practice regenerative agroforestry, they use a wide range of crops and trees to create a diversified forest garden that helps regenerate soil, improve ecosystems, and sequester carbon. They source the cacao from small, independent family farms in Latin America and pay premium prices for award-winning Trinitario cacao. Noons sources the rest of their ingredients from smallholder, independent farmers whenever possible, which includes the pineapple, banana, golden berries, and mango.

Noons are the only chocolate snacks in the US packaged in a recycled box and compostable inner bag. 


Erewhon Market
Foxtrot Market
Urban Outfitters